Photo: UMNOPuteras >>>

Who is this guy?

The clues are

1. His father is a UMNO minister.

2. He is in the top news for fighting with the security guard.

The comment board with Facebook account.
Chungying says:

You should show the pictures in full. Why practise censorship?

nkkhoo says:

Your father never teaches you that evidence is needed in every accusation?

Why not you publish it in your blog or facebook to prove you are a hero?

Ipank says:

This pro Dap anti lynas Adam fella clearly vonleit with his bruce lee flying kick, and he is a journalist too. Yet Lim Guan Eng showing sympathy only to him. Perception is, because he is a chinaman while the other side are malayman. Is he CM for all Penangites irrespective of race, party or religion, or just for chinese? Well, he did not show that at all. Damn hypocrite kiasus!Did LGE protest the rampant fellings of timber in Kedah? Oh, this is pakatan state, like the Bayan Mutiara and eSpice fiasco, they never do any wrong, they are saint.

Yonnie says:

A scene in the making of ‘KL Gangster 2’ as approved by Finas!