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Wee, you should resign now for unable to solve 50-year old teacher shortage problem

Dong Zong rally to ask for solution to shortage of teachers for Chinese vernacular schools at the Dong Zong headquarters in Kajang. THESUN

“And if stepping down would solve this issue once and for all, I, Wee Ka Siong would immediately do so,” he said in his speech at a dinner organised by Kota Melaka MCA here on Sunday night.

These are one the most ridiculous and shameless excuses I ever heard from MCA politicians.

In other word, you have gut to stay put as a deputy education minister for unable to solve a chronic problem faced by Chinese primary schools.

We pay you to solve the problem or to keep the problem?

The taxpayers especially Chinese should not pay you or any MCA politician for dragging this problem for decades.

Do you know what is your nickname when you were in the university?

“A cunning man”  奸人

Wee: I will resign now if it can solve Mandarin teacher issue

MALACCA: Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong is willing to step down immediately as Deputy Education Minister if the move would solve the shortage of teachers in Chinese primary schools.

He said he arrived at the decision after discovering that many people who attended the United Chinese School Committee’s Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong) rally in Kajang on Sunday had chided the MCA for being unable to solve the long-outstanding issue.

He said some had called him to resign.

“There are other ways to solve this issue. Would jeering and hurling abuses resolve the shortage?

“And if stepping down would solve this issue once and for all, I, Wee Ka Siong would immediately do so,” he said in his speech at a dinner organised by Kota Melaka MCA here on Sunday night.

He stressed that the MCA would go all out to solve the Chinese education issue and the party’s interest in the matter was no less than those who attended the demonstration.

Verbal abuses were not the only things hurled at Dr Wee during the rally as a few protesters allegedly threw water bottles and one tried to punch him.

Dr Wee said he was only “lightly hit on the face” and “this is not our culture”.

“I am sad that the scuffle happened. I feel this issue has been politicised,” he added.

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HK Tang says:



KKK says:

actually that fat man was smart to mention he was hit so that the newspapers headline will be averted not to talk about the main and more important issue about chinese education.
fat man employed Sun Tzu art of war … nkkhoo can learn a thing from him if ever want to be independent representing Muar coming GE13 !

now we are awaiting the “yellow shirt” man to come forward to counter the allegation by the fat man.

KKK says:

air itam folks showed full support for WKS.

nkkhoo don’t shoot WKS otherwise these air itams folks can come over Muar to teach you a thugs lesson !

nkkhoo says:

Want to scare off Malaysian Chinese with your gangsterism? MCA bought over Chinese mafias to win in GE13 is an open secret.

Even I hit the fat man on his face when he visits my kampong, local Mafia will not do anything against me because I know all of them since my childhood day.

Most MCA can do is report to police.

Yonnie says:




Yonnie says: