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The cunning man, Wee is afraid to make police report against alleged assault against him

What is meaning of “nearly” or 差点? A cm, a meter, ten meters.

Ask these questions,

Why the police who escorted fat man did not arrest the man who was alleged attacking Wee?

My answer is no such assault by the crowds.

Why not a single photo or video clip to prove Wee’s allegation?

My answer is Wee is a liar.

Why Wee is afraid to make police report? 

My answer is because making false report is a criminal offense.




敦希山声称:“没有,他没有被打…”,並强调至今早为止,警方都 没有接获有关该集会的任何形式投报,不管是被打或滋事投报都没有,警方不会开档调查。


现场有过百部各大媒体的相机,现场有几十部的摄录机,现场有民众 过千部兼容摄录拍照的手机!


雪州总警长敦希山否认教育部副部长魏家祥在325华教救亡大会上 曾经被攻击!警方已经证实魏家祥说谎了,他竟然还在抵赖!

所以,魏家祥说得对极了!公道自在人心,不要再演戏了,全马人民 ,包括警方都知道魏家祥为了模糊焦点,不惜说谎诬赖、污蔑在野党!

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sean says:

The flip flop virus has infected WKS:

On 25 March, he said: “当时如没警察伸手阻挡,这一拳会击中眼睛,但拳头是有碰到我的脸颊。他甚至还想打第二拳”

On 27 March, he said:”现在別人在我脸上轻轻触碰一下……这芝麻绿豆的事……只要没伤到我,我还忍耐得住”

In 2 days he flip flop from “拳头是有碰到我的脸颊” to “轻轻触碰一下”
Inconsistency in the choice of words or is he trying to confuse us?

sean says:


HK Tang says:


nkkhoo says:

The cunning man tries to divert main issue.

Michiko says:

Wee Ka Siong is merely trying to ‘outshine’ the achievement of his counterparts (see below)?

Chua Soi Lek – An MCA leader without a ministerial post that was caught with his pants down with a female companion and he even had the cheek to say that his biggest mistake was not using a different hotel!

Liow Tiong Lai – made a fool of himself by defending the police when they sprayed acid water at the crowd seeking shelter at Tung Shin Hospital last year during the Bersih 2.0 rally. He had forgotten that we have something called “you-tubes” and with images clearly captured, you cannot lie anymore. The whole world saw what happened on the streets of Kuala Lumpur on July 9th 2011.

Ng Yen Yen – spending the people’s money like it was her grandfather’s. She went on many overseas trips using taxpayer’s monies on the pretext of luring more tourists to our country. Did we see more tourists in our country? Illegal immigrants, yes but foreign tourists, no.

Jessie Ooi – “Miss Tow Truck” who marched to the front of the stage and shouted herself hoarse at Lim Guan Eng during a debate between that pornographic actor and the Chief Minister of Penang. She was mercilessly grilled by thousands of Facebook users for days.