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Turn the Muar abandoned swimming pool into bird park is another boleh

Muar municipal council proposes to turn 1 hectare swimming pool compound into a bird park. That is an insensible proposal.

Turn the swimming pool into a Japanese koi or arowana fish pond is making more sense.

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niceguy says:

Can’t the council make a “tour-and-learn” visit to Malacca to find out why it’s swimming pool located right at the centre of the town is still popular?

Or maybe the short trip to Malacca would not justify any claims for dinner and overnight stay.

Gempaq says:

You can visit that submarine in Melaka, and the tour guide will tell you the story related to the C4ed Mongolian lady!

sean says:

This is another example of the abuse of blue ocean strategy.
Give another 10 years, the bird park will be converted into a reptilia park. Such cycle is to enrich every generation of the umno cronies.

Same thing has happened in the Segget longkang along JB’s Jalan Wong Ah Fook. 10 years ago millions $$$ was spent to cover it up, now they want to make it a Segget canal (Venice of JB) to rival Korea’s Cheonggyechon?

Xiong says:

Kayuh sampan on canal/river/longkang in JB town centre? Romantik?

Ha ha! Umnoputeras forget that Venice and Korea are not hot and humid like Bolehland! Satu lagi strategi lautan biru BN!

KKK says:

why not turn the land into Lynas branch in Johor ?
create jobs for Muar folks as thorium is safe.
what say you ?

nkkhoo says:

I have no problem if Penang state pays for the transport cost.