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Feel safer under a police state

Almost all housing estates in Cheras are turned into gated communities. The residents feel safer by paying protection fees to security companies.

There is a joke about where is the biggest jail in Malaysia. The answer is not Kajang jail, but the Klang Valley.

Crime busting operation after operation by police is not going to solve the root causes of crime in Bolehland.

The government is better to listen to my advices published in the Star a few months ago on how to eradicate street and other crimes.

Crime rate drops, thanks to four special ops


THE crime rate dropped significantly last year, thanks in large part to four special nationwide police operations.

Ops Rentap, Lusuh, Lejang and Pintu resulted in a 11.1% drop from the previous year.

Ops Rentap, to prevent car theft, was carried out on January, February and October last year. A total of 379,766 vehicles were searched and 1,552 arrests made. Some 665 vehicles were confiscated and 30 suspects charged.

To curb equipment and cable theft, Ops Lusuh was carried out in March, April and September 2011. Police searched 47,439 people and arrested 297, and confiscated 227 pieces of equipment. Forty-eight people were charged.

Ops Lejang was enforced in May, June and November to prevent motorcycle theft. A total of 409,936 vehicles were searched and 1,900 people were arrested with 993 motorcycles confiscated. A total 112 people were charged.

To prevent house break-ins, Ops Pintu was carried out in July, August and December, with 369,530 people searched and 854 arrested. Home owners were also educated on the best ways to secure their homes.

These operations along with various other initiatives implemented under the Government Transformation Programme saw a 39.7% drop in street crimes in 2011 from the previous year.

Another successful initiative to make the streets crime-free was the Safe City Programme which was started in 15 townships including Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

TTDI had been beleaguered with an average of 30 crime cases a month, including burglaries, car break-ins and snatch thefts.

The programme has been lauded by the residents who said they feel safer and more secure now.

TTDI Residents Association president Mohd Hatim Abdullah said 99% of the people he met in the area said they felt unsafe before the programme.

“Now, they tell me how safe they feel,” he added.

The programme is to be expanded to an additional 151 municipal councils.

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Jim says:

我们的警察很穷,吃不起ice cream,所以打伤你们,下次你们给不起kopi钱,也可以抢​他们的枪打回他们,不过记得用枪柄打到他们头破血流就好,不要杀​人!

Ray says:




ariel says:



Ray says:



Manja says:

Inspector-general polis Ismail Omar kata kadar jenayah turun 26.3% dalam waktu Januari ke Jun 2012, berbanding dengan masa yang sama tahun lalu.

nkkhoo, lu percayakah?

Hari-hari kita baca kes jenayah, kes bunuh, kes rompak di surat khabar. Dari mana PDRM mengumpul statistiks?

nkkhoo says:

Malaysia is reaching a same chaos like Indonesia in 80s where woman walking in street could be kidnapped and raped in the daylight.

PM office was under attack, this is another proof that Malaysia is unsafe even for PM.

丘丘 says:


真是一個沒有腦的全國總警長。數字和事實不符,竟然選擇相信數字。自己讲自己爽,有多少大马人相信他们的数字呢? 所以他以為街頭罪案和商場罪案是兩回事?而且我們的街頭罪案會少嗎?

警队真的因该感谢上苍, 因为马来西亚是唯一的国家,警察不用捉贼也有gaji拿 ,还有“咖啡”喝呢!

Chungying says:

You read crime stories on newspaper everday.
No sense of security at the car park of shopping mall.
The police should use its brutality on criminals, not peaceful protestors!

nkkhoo says:

Indonesian and Thai police have used brutality to kill several thousand criminals in the past.

In 80s, the rape crime in Jakarta was serious like today’s Malaysia where the girl could be raped in the daylight, Indon police shot dead thousand suspected criminals on the spot.

Jayson says:

The bloody mugging of Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat while jogging near his home in Section 18, Petaling Jaya this morning, and the serious case of Bandar Kinrara, Puchong teacher Teoh Soo Kim, 51, fighting for her life after she suffered severe head injuries and lost consciousness in an abduction on Wednesday are gruesome reminders to Malaysians that the Najib administration has failed in one of its most important tasks – to reduce crime and to eradicate the fear of crime among Malaysians.

Zain says:

Police should use their brutality on criminals, and not peaceful rakyat.
Really misplaced priority.
Hisham is a shame.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Lately there are many reports of murder in Johor.
KPI may not be accurate afterall.

nkkhoo says:

The KPI is recorded and also assessed by themselves for syiok sendiri, it was not done through an independent third party auditor.

NotUmnocybertrooper says:

If you don’t the police, you think a DAP led government can replace all those thousands and thousands of malay policemen who do their jobs while waiting for their duit kopi from chinese who offer bribes?

It will take ages for these people to change. Even those who offer bribes won’t change maa.. I know many chinese who will complain about police but when they make illegal u-turn or speed they are first to offer bribe. These police are not paid like you or me, also barely educated. So of course an extra RM50 is good for them la…

If DAP can magically change the police so that they don’t take bribe then I would believe. But a friend of mine said he recently bribe police in middle of georgetown!

nkkhoo says:

Those take and offer bribe have to be educated and punished. Don’t make corruption a racial issue.

mazlan says:

PRU13 is near, so BN have to paint good results in KPI for all to see.
If you believe it, then you must be fooled by what Najib said live on TV last nite after the evening news.
I do not benefit from BR1M, KR1M, Klinik1Malaysia, Pr1ma etc… and I still feel not safe when the policeman is around me.
So Change is needed for our country!

Gempaq says:

How to trust polis when its personnel also involved in kidnaping?
also what about the alleged link of ex-IGP with underworld?

Melina says:

See the front page of many chinese newspapers today: A Chinese lady was hauled up to police station for no reason for 4 hours, and in the process was molested by a policewoman (lesbian?) there.

How to trust the police?

Dalong says:

A businesswoman has lodged a police report that she was assaulted and sexually harassed by police when she was interrogated at the Sri Petaling police station on the morning of March 24.

You may read the full story here: