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Muar Chinese Food :: Teochew Pork Offal Soup

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Papak says:

remind me of “gear box” sup tulang …. do you have that in Muar ?

nkkhoo says:

Do you mean sup kambing? Yes, there is a mamak restaurant opposite the Kingdom hotel is selling good sup kambing.

The restaurant used to have a Hainan chicken rice ball stall before it was bought over by the mamak.

Roy says:

Be careful. Do not tempt muslims with pork. remember what happened to The Star?

nkkhoo says:

Those Muslims visit my blog are not stupid as you.

mazlan says:

Problem is there are simply too many stupid ones around, such that they could be manipulated to be scared of ‘Christianity Threat’, after BN can no longer scare them with komunis (at least until the new version of Bukit Kepong movie is made).

Gempaq says:

Looks good, too bad not halal. I can only imagine the taste, hopefully not a dosa.

nkkhoo says:

There are a lot of halal food in Muar like mee bandung.