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Himpunan hijau blurs the objective of Bersih 3.0 protest

Ambiga Sreenevasan (front row, 2nd R), the leader of electoral reform pressure group Bersih 2.0 poses with other members (AFP)

More Malaysians realize anti-Lynas campaign is an illogic and irrational political campaign camouflaged under the green.

Bersih 3.0 did not invite Himpunan Hjau for the rally, but Himpunan Hijau is shamelessly wanted to join Bersih 3.0 as an invited guest.

Why not Himpunan Hijau calls for another rally in other day instead of catching fish in the murky water?

Malaysia poll critics call for nationwide rally

By Julia Zappei (AFP) – 6 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR — Critics of Malaysia’s electoral system called Wednesday for a nationwide protest this month to press for thorough reform before upcoming polls that they warned could be “the dirtiest yet”.

Prime Minister Najib Razak is expected to seek a fresh mandate within months but reform activists Bersih 2.0 said the electoral system remains riven with fraud despite reform pledges and it called for a “peaceful sit-in” on April 28.

The group brought tens of thousands into the streets of the capital Kuala Lumpur last July in a rally which was broken up by police and placed the issue of alleged pro-government electoral bias squarely on the national agenda.

A statement by Bersih 2.0 said the demonstration will “express our deep disappointment with a government that continues to manipulate the electoral system to their advantage.”

“In fact, it promises to be the dirtiest (election) yet,” it said.

The group said the rally would be held at Independence Square in central Kuala Lumpur and urged other protests by supporters nationwide.

But de facto law minister Nazri Aziz was quoted by independent news portal Malaysiakini as saying the square was off-limits for protests, raising the spectre of a possible crackdown.

Police forcibly dispersed last year’s rally with tear gas and water cannon, arresting 1,600 people.

Bersih 2.0 called Wednesday for the Election Commission — accused by critics of favouring the ruling coalition — to resign, saying it had lost public confidence.

It also demanded a thorough vetting of the nationwide voter roll, completion of major reforms before elections are calle, and international poll monitors.

The calls came a day after parliament endorsed the findings of a panel set up by Najib to explore reform options.

The panel recommended independence for the Election Commission, a clean-up of the voter roll and other steps, but critics said the report was short on specifics and deadlines and ignored many key reform demands.

Speaking in Phnom Penh at a summit of Southeast Asian leaders, Najib said his government and the Election Commission would “look into” the panel’s recommendations, state news agency Bernama reported.

“We have nothing to hide,” he said.

Najib set up the panel in October under pressure for reform and amid criticism over the harsh response to last year’s rally.

Critics allege the long-ruling Barisan Nasional coalition has used electoral fraud, vote-buying and a traditional media stranglehold to stay in power.

Concerns have intensified recently as the opposition and reform advocates have publicised alleged irregularities such as dozens of voters registered at a single address or in residences that don’t even exist.

The government denies a fraud campaign.

Najib must call polls by April 2013 but they are expected much sooner. Analysts predict a tight battle after the coalition suffered its worst showing ever in 2008 polls against an opposition alliance led by Anwar Ibrahim.

The ruling coalition has governed since 1957 independence.

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2-in-1 on same day, save police time & resources.
Save cost for outstation participants too.