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Nazri, let have an open debate with Bersih in TV on electoral system reform

No repeat of Bersih 2.0, Nazri!

This is a good chance for both parties to express their views openly and transparently to Malaysian voters.

Electoral change in Malaysia

Liz Gooch (Issues)

A parliamentary committee recommended a series of changes to the Malaysian electoral system recently, but opposition groups and activists said they did not go far enough to ensure a level playing field for elections widely expected later this year.

The committee, which consisted of five members of the governing coalition, three opposition members and one independent, was set up last year by Prime Minister Najib Razak following a rally that brought tens of thousands of people into the streets calling for greater transparency and fairness in elections. Its report contained 22 proposals, including steps to ensure that the electoral rolls list only legitimate voters, that political candidates have equal access to the news media and that the Election Commission function independently of partisan politics. The lower house adopted the report later in the day.

“They are good recommendations, but they are not strong enough,” said Ambiga Sreenevasan, a lawyer and co-chairwoman of the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections, which led the protests last July. The organisation, also known as Bersih – “clean” in Malay – has campaigned for changes in an election system it says unfairly favors the governing coalition, which has been in power since Malaysia achieved independence in 1957.

Ambiga expressed concern as to whether the government would implement the recommendations in time for the next election. The government has until April 2013 to hold the election, but some news reports have predicted that Najib may call for a vote as early as June.

Bersih and opposition parties say they have uncovered thousands of cases involving possible voter fraud, including examples of people who have died who are still listed on the electoral rolls and cases where dozens of voters are registered at one address. The report recommended that in cases where more than 50 voters are listed at one address, the Election Commission should notify those affected within 45 days so that they can come forward and allow the commission to update the list.

The panel also recommended that the election campaign period be extended to at least 10 days. Under current regulations, elections can be held as early as seven days after the government dissolves Parliament. Bersih had called for a campaign period of at least 21 days.

On the issue of allowing more Malaysians who are living abroad to vote, the report noted a proposal by the Election Commission that overseas citizens who have registered to vote and have returned home at least once in the five years before an election be allowed to cast absentee ballots. Currently, only diplomats, military personnel, university students and their spouses may vote while overseas.

The report suggests that the Election Commission discuss the logistics of allowing more overseas Malaysians to vote with the relevant authorities within the next three months, a time frame Ambiga criticised because she said it would leave many overseas citizens disenfranchised if elections were called earlier.

The opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, speaking to reporters after the opposition’s attempts to present a minority report were rejected, said the committee’s report contained “major flaws.”

However, Maximus Ongkili, a member of the governing coalition who headed the committee, called it “a very good report” and expressed regret that it was being used for “political mileage.” Ong Kian Ming, a political analyst and lecturer at UCSI University in Kuala Lumpur, said it would be unfair to dismiss the entire report, saying it contained some positive recommendations that would improve the electoral system and should be implemented. But, “there’s no guarantee that the government will implement these recommendations,” he said. “There are some that are hard to implement because they may not be in the government’s interest to do so.”


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mazuin says:

Nazri said the 900,000 illegals in Sabah do not pose any security threat.

But somehow Hisham said Malaysiakini is a threat to our nation.

Strange logic in BN indeed.

Saleha says:

Di Malaysia.. ada rakyat yang mempunyai nama hanya dengan tanda ( ‘ ) sahaja… Dan sebab inilah puluhan ribu rakyat turun ke jalanraya menuntut pilihanraya yang bersih dan adil serta pembersihan daftar pemilih…

Sila ikut arahan dibawah….

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Dalong says:

Should debate on how he got so much power in lesen teksi!