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Nasi lemak and tea tarik at Teluk Sengat is cheap

The Malay stall at the riverbank is selling a package nasi lemak and a cup of teh tarik at RM2 only. First I thought the waiter has miscalculated, then I asked her to recheck. The same food costs double in Kuala Lumpur.

There are two tourist attractions, crocodile world and Kota Johor Lama at Teluk Sengat. The scenery at the riverbank with Johor river bridge as its backdrop is appealing and amazing.

The crocodile world and Old Johor Fort info will be published in my travel blog,

Old Johor Fort :

Teluk Sengat Crocodile World :

Those from JB and Singapore can use Johor River Bridge to reach Teluk Sengat.

Stalls at the riverbank

Don't mistaken the Johor River brigde as Penang bridge view from Batu Uban.

A jetty is strecthing far into Johor River.

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Azmeer says:

You can recommend to Ah Jib Kor to dine there as part of his current campaining tour. Kak Yen should give you credit. Abang Chua should like it to help MCA cause.

nkkhoo says:

I will promote all potential locations for eco-tourism in Malaysia to foreigners without fear or favor.