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This speaks volume for real educational quality

“I called the Harvard College Admissions Office and was told that although they received applications from Malaysian students, no one was shortlisted for interviews as they are not considered competitive enough,” he told The Star.

Muhyddin may argue the academic standard of Harvard University is worst than UiTM. 🙂

More A scorers in SPM mean nothing if our score A students cannot compete with students from other countries. UMNO is good to produce “jaguh kampung”!

An ex-colleague of mine from a Chinese Independent School graduated from Harward University. I am not sure how he enrolled into Harward U since Chinese Independent School is still not recognized by Bolehland.

No Malaysian in Harvard for second consecutive year

KUALA LUMPUR: For the second consecutive year, no Malaysian student has gained admission into Harvard University.

Datuk Dr Goh Cheng Teik, who heads the selection panel that interviews students for undergraduate admission into the university, said this was due to the deteriorating quality of applicants from Malaysia.

“I called the Harvard College Admissions Office and was told that although they received applications from Malaysian students, no one was shortlisted for interviews as they are not considered competitive enough,” he told The Star.

Dr Goh said former SMK Damansara Jaya student Avinaash Subramaniam was the last Malaysian to be accepted into Harvard in 2010.

Avinaash obtained 11A’s in the 2008 SPM and was awarded a full scholarship.

Harvard Club of Malaysia honorary secretary Nicholas Khaw, who is also an interviewer on the panel, said from 1985 to 2010, at least one applicant from Malaysia had been admitted into Harvard College every year. (Harvard College is the undergraduate school at Harvard University.)

In 2009, he said two students gained admission into Harvard.

According to a statement issued by the interview panel, a total of 30,489 and 34,950 applications were received by Harvard University in 2010 and 2011 with 6.9% and 6.3% gaining admission respectively.

It said among South-East Asian countries, Singapore has the highest number of students in Harvard College with 18, followed by Thailand (seven), Vietnam (six), Malaysia (five) and Indonesia (two).

Harvard Club of Malaysia executive committee member Wan Nadiah Wan Mohd encouraged Malaysian students to apply for admission into the university.

She said Harvard University this year awarded a total of US$172mil (RM531.48mil) in scholarships to 60% of its incoming students.

Wan Nadiah, who is also an interviewer, said students are encouraged to begin preparations for applications to Harvard at least six months before the application is due.

The application deadline for the 2013 intake is Jan 1 next year and further information can be found at

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Lang says:

Malay first dpm only knows policy to get votes from rural Malays, using language and religion to fool them.

Azmeer says:

If you watch live English football on TV, lately you will notice the advertising boards in the stadium are displaying Chinese words. Chinese language will become dominant soon as China is becoming more powerful economically.

While many Europeans took the trouble to travel to China to learn the Chinese language, many Malaysians chose to ignore the opportunity to study the language here.

Therefore, I have decided to enrol my son to SJK (C) school next year so that he could learn the language, besides BM and English. Many malays fail to take the advantage here. Just imagine Chinese has 2000 years of history compared to 500 years of Malay history (much less actually as 90% of time was jajah by Europeans). My wife is a full-time housewife and she will provide malay moral education so my son will not lose his malay identity. I hope our ‘malay first’ Education Minister will come to realise this soon so that Malaysia can position itself to have good command of Chinese language to be a good trading partner with China in years to come.

nkkhoo says:

Many Westerners are well versed in Mandarin. Only Malay first mindset Malays still want to be NEP jaguh kampong.

Let me tell you a true story, a Malay servant who was educated in Chinese school in the PJ Immigration Department was boycotted by other workers and his boss for a stupid reason. The said Malay servant can replace three servants for his hardworking attitude to serve rakyat. His boss even bullied him openly by saying something like, “Kamu kuat kerja, mau naik pangkat ya”

Raj says:

Sekolah Cina punya kualiti cukup baik. Anak saya pun masuk sekolah Cina.
Sekolah kebangsaan banyak agenda umno, pasal dia punya cikgu semua ada pemikiran BTN atau Perkasa.