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Unmarried Chinese is a social ill

Other friends and I doing a quick unofficial survey on how many Chinese man and woman above 40 year in my new village still unmarried and single for life.

The sampling survey result is quite stunning, in average each household has a family member above 40 year still not married and some families have four members in the single group. These unmarried people are normal and healthy people, not the handicapped ones.

The ratio of unmarried male to female villagers is 7:3 to 8:2.

For instance, a female schoolmate is a pretty girl, yet she remains single. There is another female graduate in teaching profession remains single.

A majority of male “bujang senang” is in the group of low academic qualification and blue collar. A number of villagers married with import brides from Vietnam and Indonesia, otherwise more “bujang senang” in the new village.

In logic, there are same number of Chinese female remains single as Chinese male. My next question is where are local Chinese females gone?

In a new village with about 3000 population, there are estimated 300 people above 40 year still single is a serious problem for the Chinese community, retirement planning and supply of human resources for sustainable national development. The “bujang senang” number will be much higher if 30-39 year group is included.

Financial independence, lack of social interaction, too high expectation on life partner, etc. are believed the main factors for such “bujang senang” issue.

Single dating clubs should be formed in new villages to facilitate more marriages amongst the “matured” youths. More incentives should be planned by government to encourage more happier families.

By the way, I am one of these confirmed bachelors.

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Azmeer says:

Nowadays young generation do not tied themselves down with spouses (save the trouble of pre-nuptial agreement) as the trend is to have ‘Friends with Benefits’. nkkhoo may be conservative to notice such trend fast emerging in the city.

cik beliawanis says:

bujang senang nkkhoo
go check out many mca beliawanis in Muar- they are independently and economically stable – some as ‘charmingly fierce” as Jessie – and once you are romantically linked you may have to stay away from blogging to enjoy companionship till your golden age.

jangan tunggu lama lama nanti diambil orang !

nkkhoo says:

I chose to be a confirmed bachelor for life freedom reason, not I was rejected in the courtship.

I still see involuntarily single is a social ill and issue urgently need to be tackled by Chinese community leaders and parents. These villagers actually wanted to marry, but no matching opportunity to find their right partners.