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Kudos to Penang for installing proper tourist signboards

Please make sure no “poke-eye” English is used like signboards erected by Tourism Ministry.

In below picture, under surface of makeshift rooftop looks dirty.

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Karim says:

I was in Penang last month.
I must say the place has been tranformed for the better to be cleaner, more business activities etc. Glad to see many rehabilitation work at the heritage zone.

That’s why Gerakan is enticing Penang voters with free port.
This is like kidnapping. The free port status was originally owned by Penang but was taken away. Now it has been used as a ransom by Gerakan. A desperate move indeed.

Shag says:

Gerakan is a spent force!

nkkhoo says:

There are abuse of power cases by Lim Guan Eng.

Adil Yunus says:

Can u give reference to Utusan article?
I think CSL is better as he can even make his wife forgive him!

nkkhoo says:

sPICE scandal was brought to court by Gerakan.

I believe LGE will lose the case for abusing his power to override MPPP.

june says:

bring your camera to Penang

Snap pics to show if there’s any poke-eye english.

one thing for sure, penang tourism under dap has multi-lingual signboards and instructions. I hope Muar can do the same.