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Preventive detention is still needed but must come with a check mechanism

New Act allows preventive detention without trial for 28-day may sound inhuman, but I prefer our civilians are protected from any terrorized attacks with bomb, poison gas, etc. with preempted action by police.

The detention order should be allowed to be challenged in court. The Security Offences Act is much humane than ISA, I support it now.

‘New act won’t curb police’

KLUANG: The introduction of the Security Offences Act to replace the Internal Security Act will not affect the power of the police to act against any threat to the country’s security.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said before the government decided to introduce the new act, discussions were held with the police and several matters were taken into consideration.

“We would not be introducing the new act if the police were not comfortable with it.

“The police have already given their assurances that they will ensure that the country is safe.”

Hishammuddin said the cabinet had also agreed that there was a need for capacity building for the police.

“This is in terms of investigation methods, intelligence, monitoring and relationships with other countries. We need to move forward. We realised that the police need to improve and enhance their capabilities.

“We will be doing this in stages,” he said after addressing the Sembrong Umno at Felda Ulu Penggeli yesterday.

The new act was tabled at the Dewan Rakyat for first reading by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is expected to table the bill for a second reading today.

The repeal of the ISA, along with three Emergency Declarations, were announced by the prime minister in his Malaysia Day speech last year.

In his speech, Najib had said new laws would be enacted to protect the security, peace and harmony of the country.

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Azmeer says:


I had my breakfast in a chinese kopitiam this morning.
One elderly chinese man was reading Sin Chew newspaper and told me that it was reported on front page that Nazri admited that ISA was abused (by a certain PM) to detain Chinese educationists on Operation Lalang. Nazri said Tun Razak had promised to use ISA then on communists, but not on opposition parties. Now the new PM wanted to follw his father original intention although there is no more komunis here, thus revamped ISA. However I do not read such thing on NST or The Star today (not sure about Utusan or Berita harian). Is this a political ploy to win Chinese votes or non-chinese papers chose not to report to protect the then PM’s reputation? Let me know if you have read such thing on chinese newspaper. My son, although studied chinese, only in primary school and therefore cannot understand yet.

nkkhoo says:

Yes, I read the same news in Sin Chew. Nazri’s also denied on Najib’s “bunuh cina” slogan which Sin Chew reported in 1987.

Azmeer says:

How much do you trust Nazri?
I think he is highly paid proxy minister to speak for the PM.
Also Najib can redeem his father’s reputation by shifting the blame to Tun M?
So far no malay has come forward to confirm the ‘soak blood on kris’ incident. Maybe melayu mudah lupa?

nkkhoo says:

Ex-NST chief editor in his blog recalled he had to filter incoming news from the reporters in the stadium because it was too sensitive to be published.

He is a Malay.

Azmeer says:

Umno control rice bowl of many malays.
No wonder local malay artists like Afdlin Shauki and Awie all joined Umno recently in fanfare-style to protect their rice bowls. So how to blame that ex-NST guy?

Azmeer says:

Is the ex-NST editor Samad Ismail who was detained under ISA for 4 years and made to confess on RTM TV that he is a communist?

Remember the late Ghazali Sahfie? As a Home Minister in the 70’s he abused ISA to detain his political foes within Umno to jail Abdulah Ahmad and Abdulah Majid, in order to reduce competition for him to win the Umno VP post. Umno has a history of abusing ISA, culminating in Tun M in Operasi Lalang to arrest Chinese educationists! Unfortunately this true history is not taken into account by historian prof KKK for our modern day Sejarah syllabus.

nkkhoo says:

Not that editor.

Prof KKK has no say in writing history books. His own student was his boss in UM due to skin color policy.

Raj says:

Akta baru itu memang tipu rakyat. Macam samsu baru dalam botol lama!

nkkhoo says:

Did you read the Act yourself or listen to Karpal Singh?