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Did Najib say bunuh cina in 1987?

Only those inside the stadium could confirm whether Najib himself did say “bunuh cina” from his month?

Najib (part of Mahathir’s team A) as UMNO Youth President led a rally of 15,000 which included banners saying: “SOAK IT (KRIS) WITH CHINESE BLOOD”.

I am very sure the crowds in the stadium did shout “bunuh cina” slogan repeatedly when Najib and Nazri were inside the stadium because my Mindef hostel was located nearby.

There is another first-hand account, ex-Bernama reporter named Zukri Valentendo.

The point is whether Najib did say the word is not important, he as the main speaker was instigating the Malay crowds to do so.

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Raymond Sng says:

I am still waiting for nkkhoo to provide evidence on this.
Perhaps Dr Looi can help?

nkkhoo says:

I only can say I was a first hand witness. The handphone with video recording at that time is still non-exist, do not ask for video clip.

Chinese papers have sound recording evidence. You can only get the evidence after PR take over Putrajaya.

Gan says:

Why not you sumpah in temple?

nkkhoo says:

Why I must so stupid to prove a non-taoist is evil in a temple?

Besides, I also an atheist believes no God.

Chungying says:

Nkkhoo should ask Najib this question at TAR college.

Azmeer says:

The best way is for Najib to sumpah in a mosque, since this is the method BN prefer all the while.

S Gan says:

any idea if Lee Kim Sai is still around ?

b careful of seditious act (though ISA not around) if if still talk about kris in blood matter.

nkkhoo says:

Lee Kim Sai is still alive, he is living in luxurious lifestyle like Lim Liong Sik, Chan Kwon Chai, etc.

Are you going to live in fear forever under the threat of 513?

You will still be chopped to pieces if the mob want to chop you to pieces whether you submit to them or not.

I did ask PM Najib to drag me to court if what I wrote here is a fake story since two years ago before ISA was abolished.