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New gadget :: Penveu interactive whiteboard device

This new gadget may be an viable replacement for expensive electronic whiteboard sold in the market.

Penveu is what the company calls an “interactive whiteboard in a box.” At $500 (for the education market), and $700 for businesses, the device is a small, handheld tool that comes with the functionality of a mouse, and which can write (digitally) on any surface, from almost any distance. It can write in different colors, erase, and highlight anything in a presentation. Based in part on technology previously used for satellites, cruise missiles, and smart bomb navigation, Interphase calls the device “rocket science in the palm of your hand.”

Each Penveu contains a high-speed camera, 12 accelerometers, three gyroscopes, and three magnetometers, all so that it knows where it’s pointing. The image shown on the screen or TV, or on the wall (from a projector) has more than 200 targets embedded on it, and the camera in the device can see them, honing in on specific pixels, allowing the user to write or draw right where they want, from anywhere in a room.

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Freddy says:

Any comment on Phison, the pride of Malaysian-made Pendrive?

Last nite on Astro AEC’s VVIP program, Phison’s CEO KS Pua (Malaysian inventor of Pendrive in Taiwan) was interviewed.

When he was asked why he chose to invest in Malaysia, he said he following:
1) He set up branch in malaysia so that some of his Malaysian staff in Taiwan could return to work in Malaysia.
2) He told MIDA he is not here to ‘eat tofu’ as he could easily generate RM300 million a year in Taiwan.
3) MIDA has good policy, but implementation lacks transparency, why lauding 1Malaysia when there are still categories A,B,C?
4) Most of of his media statement were edited and censored by local media.
5) Malaysia policy maker should not have narrow view of internal focus on racial issue, but should compete with Thailand (north) and Indonesia (south, no competitive advantage over Singapore).

nkkhoo says:

Pua is not the inventor for Pendrive, himself said so. He bought the patent from a university and developed further the pendrive.

Please stop the myth from spreading to Malaysians.

Alfredo says:

At least he is the 1st person to commercise USB drive to the market – that itself is an invention to many.

If he is a bumi, he could be a Datuk now, making RM around the nation giving motivation talk to malays like that space tourist guy.

nkkhoo says:

Commercialize a product is nothing to do with invention, it’s more on avid entrepreneurship.

He does not need datukship with his RM billion wealth under his belt.

Murugan says:

Are you buying the 1Malaysia tablet computer (said to be made by Umno-crony MalTechPro) which is cheaper than Ipad?

Maybe you, as an influential and prominent blogger, should be sponsored a unit by MalTechPro, so that you can write a review on your blog?

nkkhoo says:

Don’t trust Malaysian brand, mostly they imported cheap tablets from China and rebrand them. They have no R&D capability and poor in customer services.

This UMNO crony best bet to survival is selling 1Monkey tablets to MOE and MOE will then distribute them to students with taxpayers’ money

Ipnul says:

Another 1scheme, maybe MyDin can sell it as exclusive retailer?