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Mobile version for DAP's Malay and Chinese songs

Full version DAP Ubah song can be viewed at

The singers are from PR politicians make the Malay song unique and interesting.

Well done, DAP!

Ubah – Lagu Tema Kempen DAP Pilihanraya ke-13 [19.69 MB in MP4 format] [4.62 MB in 3gp format] [6.50 MB in MP3 format]

明天 – 民主行动党第13届全国大选竞选主题曲 (Ubah versi CN)  [4.25 MB in 3gp format]


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Michael & Mitchell Ong says:

Brother Khoo
any idea where in Muar can we get that cute “Ubah” mascot doll ? we want our beloved child to cuddle with it going to sleep and growing up fighting for equal justice for all; and be a worthy Muar successor to you as a social justice muar blogger (except we believe heis against lynas at all cost).