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I was ashamed by Koreans

Why I show you this Chinese book about [论语] or the teachings of Confucius? The Chinese book is about the teachings of Confucius with explanations in modern Chinese language.

I bought this book yesterday is to recover my lost ego after being ashamed by Korean people.

As a Chinese with Chinese education background, I was ashamed by Korean people for their devotion on Confucianism when I visited my sister plant in Korea in early 90s. I expected only technical books are available in their in-house library, but I was shocked to find out that they have a huge collection of Chinese books on Confucianism.

My Korean colleague told me the books are not for display purpose, they are loaned out to the company’s staff including operator.

I asked myself in my heart when we Chinese appreciated our own Confucianism? The Mainland Chinese rejected and insulted the teachings of Confucius during the Cultural Revolution in 60s and 70s.

Admittedly, I have never studied the teachings of Confucius and Confucianism in depth except reading a few stories about Confucius in the primary school’s textbook. Not sure Confucianism is still taught in the Chinese school nowadays.

Will spend some times to read through every single page of this book to learn Confucianism from its source, not through English translation.

As a thinking individual, we should not accept every teaching from Confucius as a truth because of time changes.

If you want to understand how Chinese think and behave, you should study Confucianism.

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Azmeer says:

Too bad many Chinese (including malays) are now worshipping K-Pop singers/groups like Girls Generation and Super Junior!

nkkhoo says:

Basically Malaysians are tend to accept trashes from foreigners, not their noble moral values and philosophies.