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Latest updates:

– KL city locks down with road blocks all over the city to stop 100,000 persons to reach KL city center.

– Court order to ban Ambiga and public members gather at Dataran Merdeka.

– Barricades erected by DBKL at wee hours.

– Dataran Merdeka is locked down from 6 AM Friday to 6 AM Sunday by UMNO goon, Datuk Bandar KL.

– Singapore Bersih 3.0’s permit application has been rejected by Kiasu government.

– Johor Bahru Bersih 3.0’s application to use Dataran Bandaraya was rejected. No change in venue.

– Bersih 3.0 insists to use Dataran Merdeka although the application to use Dataran was rejected.

Why UMNO goon locks down Dataran Merdeka?

Because the only thing left for UMNO is last island mindset.

Hold on to the last island is a syiok sendiri victory for UMNO.

Last call: You either to stand up like a dignified person in the Bersih sit-in rally or live cowardly for your entire life as an armchair hero or heroine in internet.

Don’t missed out the opportunity to create a new history, your show-up is crucial to make change. Don’t wait for others to come forward and fighting for a better future for you and your children, you have to do it yourself.

Kuala Lumpur: Dataran Merdeka

Target: 100,000 persons

Johor Baru: Dataran Bandaraya

Target: 10,000 persons

Melaka: Dataran Pahlawan

Target: 10,000 persons

George Town: Padang Pidato

Target: 10,000 persons

Ipoh: Padang Polo

Target: 5,000 Persons

Seremban: Dataran Seremban

Target: 5,000 persons

Kuantan: Taman Gelora

Target: 5,000 persons

Muar: Dataran Tanjung Mas

Target: 500 persons

Kota Kinabalu: Padang Merdeka

Target: 5,000 persons

Kuching: Old Court House, Kuching Waterfront

Target: 5,000 persons

Sibu: Dataran Sibu

Target: 1,000 persons

Miri: Perkarangan Pejabat Daerah

Target: 500 persons


The comment board with Facebook account.
Tomok says:

Cannot understand why BN is making it so difficult for rakyat to hold peaceful assembly.
In the meantime PM Najib is keeping himself out of this matter while trying to hoodwink Indians on THR radio.
How can we respect him as a leader of the nation?

I will wear yellow every Saturday to show my support for Bersih.

nkkhoo says:

Dataran Merdeka lock down is reflecting UMNO’s last island mindset, they have to protect it to signify victory.