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The world most notorious taxi drivers try to show they are good citizens

In the Journey to the West novel, there is a monk character named Zhu Bajie with a pig head. We Chinese used to have a saying, “Zhu Bajie does not know his face is ugly.”

Before they want to show us that taxi drivers are law-abiding citizens, they have to use meter first. Malaysian taxi drivers are the most notorious and dishonest pariahs in the world.

Only stupid person cannot understand more crowds will give more business to taxi drivers.

Traffic congestion during the Bersih 1.0 and 2.0 were due to another stupid roadblocks and KL city lockdown by Malaysian police.

Cancel rally for our sake, cabbies tell Bersih organisers

KUALA LUMPUR: Taxi drivers in the Klang Valley are pleading with the Bersih 3.0 organisers to cancel their proposed rally.

They claimed that 36,000 taxi and limousine operators would be affected if the rally went on.

Malaysian Taxi Drivers, Limousine and Car Rental Operators Association (Petekma) deputy president Syahrir Abdul Aziz said taxi drivers suffered losses during previous illegal rallies in the city due to traffic congestion.

“This will be the third time we are going to face the same problem if the Bersih rally is allowed to go on,” he said after lodging a report against the rally at the Dang Wangi police station.

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Tredy says:

BN is very fast to get some taxi drivers to put blame on Bersih. I agree that it is the massive police blockade that is jeopardizing the livelihood of taxi drivers.

Speedy Gonzalez says:

HASIL need to check the income declaration by those businesses near dataran merdeka who oppose bersih claiming their business get affected. Are they earning so much during such short period ?

If they are smart, they can take this opportunity to sell packet drinks at dataran merdeka.

now i am thinking of selling cold drinks (buy 1 can at RM1 sell for RM1.5 ==> 50% profit where to find ?