428 Bersih 3.0 >>>

What the dirty tricks are waiting Bersih 3.0?

My first and third forecasts on 27 April 2012 have proven 100% correct, Bersih fails to listen to my honor advice published in the Free Malaysia Today and Bersih 2.0 Facebook.

Bersih forgot the risk of planted agent provocateur and paid for the hefty price.

There are three areas Bersih organizer should look into them and come out with proper countermeasures under the contingency plan.

No repeat of Bersih 2.0, Nazri!

1. If Bersih demonstrators break the barricades, FRU and police will take the opportunity to use teargas and water cannon to disperse the crowds. Hisham will appear on TV to blame Bersih demonstrators are the ones breaking the law first.

Suggestion: Don’t break the barricades, but march to Stadium Merdeka and down town orderly as in the last 709 rally.

2. Bomb attacks to create panic and police will take the opportunity to order the crowds to disperse.


– The trained guards search the surroundings first to detect any planted explosive devices.

–  Place more video cameras to capture suspects in tape.

– The guards have to keep calm and disperse the crowds to safety places orderly according to exit plan.

UMNO Youth in the illegal demonstration

3. Mob attacks will create bloodshed and chaos,  police will take the opportunity to order the crowds to go home.

Suggestion: The guards have to keep calm and use appropriate and minimum forces to protect the crowds.

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Cleaner says:

how was the event at Muar ?
if you are in KL, who covered the Muar 428 on your behalf ?

nkkhoo says:

Already informed Muarians go to Parit Jawa Green & Yellow 428 rally. I was told very few people attended rallies in Parit Jawa and Tanjung Mas. Poor coordination and duplicated rallies should be the reason for poor response.

More than 200 people in Taiping gathered at Tasik Taiping.

Cleaner says:

The Agents employed got 2 meals free after the “arrest”; and the names would not be in the rekod jenayah.

Ambiga and the organisers are kind of “naive” to realize there are agents employed.

For Bersih 4.0, it’s time to go the cyber way to be safer and even more effective.

nkkhoo says:

Bersih 4.0 should be held in Stadium Merdeka. BN government has to approve it because only 25,000 people attended Bersih 3.0 according to police. Chess them in this point.

But all know more than 100,000 crowd in Bersih 3.0.

What to do with 70,000 excess people unable to go into stadium? 70,000 people will move to Dataran Merdeka or Down Town areas. BN will be blamed if there is any blockage to flow of protesters.

Lessons learned in Bersih 3.0 and should not be repeated in Bersih 4.0,5.0, 6.0,…until true reform is implemented.

Fadrul says:

The police do not know how to count?

mustapha says:

There was not a single freaking reason for the Police to fire chemical laced water canon or tear gas at a large section of the protestors when only a handful of angry guys tried to remove the barricade into Dataran Merdeka. It was the job of the Police to arrest these few and not to abuse their uniform and badge of PDRM to provoke more counter attacks or to create a situation to justify their earlier warning of chaos. The unwarranted fiasco was premeditated and reflected very badly on the Police and the arrogant and irrelevant UMNO controlled BN. Only a moron Home Minister would interpret the over zealous actions of our robocops as professional when it clearly showed that many of the officers in blue were simply not qualified academically, emotionally and mentally to wear the badge and uniform of PDRM.

Tredy says:

Najib so far remains silent on this issue.
If anything goes wrong, his cousin HIsham will take the rap.

shirly says:

That’s why Hisham had to launch his agents to barge into barricades for police to have the excuse to use tear gas and blame Bersih, although the peaceful sit-in has ended and people has started to disperse. That is his way to meet KPI.

Tredy says:

Umno will unleash its thugs to create unrest, then allow the pdrm to move in with arrest.
Same tactics used all this while.

nkkhoo says:

You are 100% correct, but Bersih forgot to prevent such risk.

Cleaner says:

Concerned individuals and groups have alleged that Umno Baru has let loose its mobs and thugs all too frequently to disrupt, sometimes violently, legitimately organised meetings and forums by civil society groups and NGOs. The Apcet 11 forum at a hotel in KL was disrupted by an Umno Baru mob that threatened the participants and smashed tables and chairs to stop the proceedings. When the Suqiu organisation submitted its 17-point plan for the betterment of the country, an Umno Baru mob threatened them with “rivers of blood” outside the Chinese Assembly Hall, KL, if they did not withdraw their 17-point plan.

Umno Baru used similar tactics to stop the Article 11 Group from holding meetings and the Bar Council forum on the conversion of minors to Islam when one spouse in a non-Malay marriage converts to Islam. Police inaction emboldened the Umno thugs even to prevent Karpal from entering Parliament House. An Umno Baru mob led by a screaming hooligan, Khairy, outside the US Embassy advertised to the whole world that Umno Baru is a party trapped in the Stone Age.

The rule of law is obviously not part of Umno Baru culture. While proclaiming to the whole world that “demonstrasi luar kebudayaan kita”, Umno Baru and its allies have, since 8 March 2008, organised numerous illegal demonstrations in Pakatan-ruled states. Criminal intimidation is part and parcel of Umno Baru’s political strategy.

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