Bersih Agent Provocateur >>>

There were hired agents provocateurs planted in Bersih 3.0

These three “protesters” in the circles are alleged the same thugs who attacked students in Dataran Merdeka. They are alleged from Perkasa or Pekida who opened up barricades.

Bersih has been falling into mouse trap set up by BN.

The reality is 99% layman and laywomen in the Bersih are loving peace and non-violence type Malaysians, but 1% boiling blood youth under the instigation of external elements and some PKR leaders have tarnished the reputation of 99% protesters and Bersih NGOs.

These “protesters” have refused to disperse and kept challenging FRU for no valid reason after 4PM. Everything was very smooth and peaceful until 4PM, things turned to ugly after 4PM when most Bersih protesters already dispersed and went home peacefully.

I am not sure these people are truly Bersih supporters or hired agents provocateurs. We hope police releases the names for those arrested (unlikely, the hired agents provocateurs will be released from the backdoor) for Bersih to investigate are they.

I am confident to say they are trouble makers who kept asking crowds to play mouse and cat games with FRU. I saw these people ill-behaved at LRT Masjid Jamek with my eyes. Some young protesters seem followed their call to break barricades.

The small pocket of about 1000 protesters or about 0.5 to 1.0% [it’s depending on the crowd number estimated from 100,000 to 200,000) has tarnished the good image of Bersih protesters. My projection is 50 to 100 hired agents provocateurs instigated a few hundred passive provocateurs from Bersih genuine young protesters who temp to follow others blindly.

These suspicious “protesters” did not listen to PKR leaders, Bersih leaders and PAS Amal Squad.

Why? Because they are hired agents provocateurs planted in Bersih 3.0 Sit-in rally.

PKR leaders like Azmin and Anwar are partly responsible for the fracas to encourage PKR supporters to proceed to Dataran Merdeka in the speech at the National Mosque.

There were no incidents in Bersih 1.0 and 2.0 where the protesters jump on the top of police patrol car and kick the police cars. Why we see mob in Bersih 3.0?

Why no chaos in Penang because the gathering in the open space provide no such opportunity for hired provocateurs.

My hypothesis is BN purportedly blocked the Dataran Merdeka and created opportunity for hired provocateurs to break barricades.

Those people pushed away barricades not wearing yellow or green shirts. Who are these people? Please do a flesh search to find out who are they?

Why police closed one eye and allowed them to move away barricades so easily?

Why FRU only appeared and in standby to attack during the critical moment?

Why some protesters attacked police patrol cars? [I saw these protesters without wearing yellow or green shirts behaved like UMNO thugs on my way back to Jalan Pasar.]

My answer is these people are agents hired by UMNO to provoke police and hoping a street fight between lost tempered policemen and Bersih protesters. This plot worked as planned!

Another evidence from The China Press about this conspiracy, it was reported police on duty who walking alone also being attacked by the mysterious mob. They dragged the policeman to a secluded spot and beat the police.

Literally, police is also victim in the Bersih 3.0 Rally in KL !

A traffic police officer told the reporter that it’s unusual for Bersih protesters to do so, the mysterious group came to Bersih 3.0 rally is with hidden agenda.

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w samudra says:

This is what my friend as an eyewitness told me:

The police did riot in two phases as follows:

1. The Initial riot was by plain clthes police men in yellow bersih shirts positioned in the frontline barricade where there was no razor wires ( police pre medidated intentions) who broke the barricades while shouting ‘Anwar suruh masuk’ and notice in the video the hundreds of policemen there instead of arresting these infiltrators ran away obviously so to allow these guys to escape into crowd.

2. From then on, FRU started their ordered tasks to attack anyone and anywhere along all roads leading to Dataran Merdeka. No reason to but it was umno and police instructions to do so drive home FEAR. Then plain clothes policemen with their name tags removed started their door to door rioting bashing up any one they did not like even pressmen who took photos of their violence. Yes, it was a total POLICE RIOTING that we saw on Saturday evening.

nkkhoo says:

To be fair, this dirty job was plotted by Muhyddin and Hisham under the blessing from Mahathir.

Live bullets were used in Libya, Myanmar, Algeria, etc. failed to stop uprisings.

Bersih 4.0 will draw more crowds.

mustapha says:

I hope one day we get to spray shit water on these 3 conspirators.
najib may be popular with people but not BN because of these 3 flers who operate behind the scene.

nkkhoo says:

About 500 Chinese staged an anti-Lynas demo on 28 April in Pagoh, Muhyddin constituency. It was first time in history. This show Chinese are not happy with the Malay First, DPM.

Che Loon says:

Really ? I don’t know that any planted agents were required.

When Anwar indicates for his men to push past the barricades and storm the area they follow him. The are not planted agents, these are Anwar men.

You watch the video and decide in the first 1 min who caused the breech of the barricades…

nkkhoo says:

The barricades in two locations were loosen by Perkasa agents before Azmin nodding the assault.

Azmin was plain stupid to be trapped in the mouse trap set up by BN.

Use your brain, not your ball to think why four layers defense line set up by the police could be penetrated in 30 seconds by PKR supporters. They are no commando soldiers!

Fadrul says:

Why that section of barricade was not guarded by the police/FRU?

So it must be an engineered trap.

Cleaner says:

Looks like Bersih folks need to engage own private CID to capture such footage; and identify those agents; and publish them in the web.

In Penang, the people at Esplanade already familiar with the faces of those agents who ride in to create chaos. No wonder no such incident in Penang last Sat.