428 Bersih 3.0 >>>

Malaysia police sprays shit-laced water against Bersih protesters?

Malaysia is achieving another Boleh record in the world, police is using dirty water from Klang River to cleanse Bersih protesters.

This is a true professionalism of Malaysian police to refill water tank with shit-laced water.


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christopher tan says:

just a short clarification.
picture shows a ‘bomba’ fire engine.
bomba not used during bersih 3.0

nkkhoo says:

The water is transferred to FRU cannon trucks if you do not know.

mustapha says:

We must complain to Jakim because polis made people consumed the non-halal water laced with pig-shit!

Karim says:

I know many malays who go to mosque but still eat char-siew like nobody business!