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The true story of police patrol car overturned by mob is revealed

The truth is the police car was overturned only to rescue any victim trapped underneath the car after the policeman was rescued and escorted to safety by PKR volunteers.

This scene was censored by PDRM and Malaysia TV stations like it did on BBC news to twist the story.

A Malay youth on the scene narrated his story before the police patrol car was assaulted by a man who jumped on the car top. He discovered “the jumping monkey” was missing after the car accident and opined he is not from Bersih protesters.


First, watch the full version video clip released in internet with special narrations to explain the event sequences.

– A group of mysterious mob tried to attack the policeman trapped in the car and the cameraman who came to rescue the policeman with helmet while volunteers from PKR’s Jingga 13 tried hard to fend off the policeman from the mob attack.

– The car was overturned after the injured policeman was brought out because someone shouted there are victims still underneath the car.


Then, watch the edited and distorted version released by TV3 and PDRM.

– TV3 ulterior motive is to mislead Malaysians that Bersih protesters attacked and overturned the police patrol car.

– Hisham said two policemen trapped inside the police car is a false statement. He also claimed a pistol was stolen fron the policeman, but recovered later is another suspicious statement.


I hope let use your God-gifted brain to judge yourself which story is true and whether the existence of agents provocateurs is real or fake.

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idris says:

Ex IGP Musa can be a torn among the present “sacred” roses to reveal more skeletons in the closets of many who profess to protect the nation ???

Zain says:

UN has clarified that there is no standard in any ‘safe’ tear gas as claimed by BN.
Do you believe in UN or Umno?

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Many policemen were not wearing their name tags and batch numbers especially those involved in assaulting the rally participants and press. No explanation from the IGP on this standard practice yet. Can it be preplanned and premeditated so that those assaulted by the police have little means of identifying them and also the reason why they were confiscating cameras and videocams from the press and the public in order to coverup their use of excessive force?

Linda says:

Those bn friendly media folks can twist n turn.
They can download your pic (the one wearing hat at 428). Then they doctor the pic to show you in sexy position with China babes. This will tarnish your image and credibility.
that’s how the have done to Azmin Ali (link : and you can be the next victim.

nkkhoo says:

But UMNO has to send a pretty Puteri to suck and measure my cock size first to make it a real picture.

Aidil Yunus says:

aiyoh! I see Puteri Umno & I lemah semangat!

nkkhoo says:

The daughter of Wanita head is like Paksitan ex-PM, Benazir Butto.

Fadrul says:

There are lots of inconsistencies between the statements by Hisham and the police, one policeman or 2 policemen were involved in that incident? When you are lying, people can easily see the contradiction and inconsistencies.