428 Bersih 3.0 >>>

Who should be blamed for Bersih 3.0 Sit-in fracas?

Let me use a quantitative method to explain who is the ultimate loser and winner in Bersih 428 Sit-in rally.

For the beginning, PR, BN and Bersih NGOs all are given 100 marks.

Problem 1: Sealing Dataran Merdeka itself is anti-democracy and injustice act made by DBKL and BN without any justification. This is a bad example of using law to to suppress rakyat from using their property.

> Deduct 50% for BN.

Right solution is to let Bersih to use Dataran Merdeka without condition.

Problem 2: Police and FRU used excessive force by spreading teargas and chemical-laced water against invading Bersih protesters. No gold mine in the Dataran Merdeka for FRU to shot anyone with teargas and water cannon.

> Deduct 20% for BN

Right solution is police should just arrest those protesters entering the Dataran, not went amok to spread chemical-laced water and teargas.

Problem 3: FRU ran wild to attack other innocent Bersih protesters and bystanders who were not entering Dataran Merdeka.

> Deduct 10 % for BN

Right solution is to give them stern final warning and 30 minute for them to disperse and go home peacefully.

Problem 4: Police was showing low professional in crowd control and maintaining public order. There are many abuses and brutalities against Bersih protesters captured on tape.

> Deduct 10% for BN

Right solution is to respect reporters and arrest those trouble makers with reasonable forces.

Problem 5: Azmin Ali seemed to have given nod to enter Dataran Merdeka against Bersih’s “No Entry” decision after Ambiga announced the rally was over and asked the crowd to disperse.

See youtube

> Deduct 30% for PR

Right solution is 100% to obey the court order, although PR might be defected in the battlefield but it would win the war.

Problem 6: PAS Amal security squad lost control on crowds and allowed agent provocateurs to control a small group of aggressive protesters.

> Deduct 20% for PR

Right solution is to install a better quality control on its Amal manpower like using hologram name tag and secret password verification.

Problem 7: Bersih role was hijacked by PR.

> Deduct 20% for Bersih.

Right solution is asking PR to sign an open declaration to accept Bersih decision.

Problem 8: Bersih rejected Stadium Merdeka offer.

> Deduct 10% for Bersih.

Right solution is to accept Stadiun Merdeka offer with a condition attached, that is BN government must allow excess crowd to use Dataran Merdeka.

The final scorecard is BN 10% [ultimate loser]; PR 50% [major loser]; Bersih 70% [minor loser]

These parties appear are losers to some degrees, but BN is the worst loser in the eyes of rakyat and international community.

UMNO is accelerating its own peril and demise with this kind of silliness and cruelty against Malaysians.

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