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Can you break this barricade in 30 second?

Indonesian and Taiwan police have resources to buy and install sturdy barricades in the important prohibited zone like our Dataran Merdeka.

Why Malaysian police and DBKL only put up plastic barricades and barbed wires around the Dataran Merdeka?

Because they want you to break the barricades and then shot you with shit-laced river water and teargas when you enter the Freedom Square.

Anwar was “fooled” by UMNO to enter its mouse trap for police to wallop Bersih protesters. No doubt, Anwar got more fame in international, but several thousand little mouses were punished by the brutal forces who are paid by us, taxpayers.

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Gopal Raj Kumar says:

polis forgot to get SIRIM to approve the barricade?

Or because it is supplied by ali-baba contractor?

Fadrul says:

PDRM is the ultimate loser, losing its credibility locally and internationally.

Police chief even said it was the SOP to confiscate the photographic equipment and to erase the content of memory cards. Obviously they do not want their bruatality to be captured as evidence. Police chief even told the world not to believe in pictures posted on internet/facebook, claiming them to be doctored. Ha ha!

nkkhoo says:

Hisham is not police chief, is the boss of police chief.