Bersih Agent Provocateur >>>

Hunting for suspicious protesters with yellow and green hand bands

A reader posted this alarming message in my blog.

This is what my friend as an eyewitness told me:

The police did riot in two phases as follows:

1. The Initial riot was by plain clthes police men in yellow bersih shirts positioned in the frontline barricade where there was no razor wires ( police pre medidated intentions) who broke the barricades while shouting ‘Anwar suruh masuk’ and notice in the video the hundreds of policemen there instead of arresting these infiltrators ran away obviously so to allow these guys to escape into crowd.

2. From then on, FRU started their ordered tasks to attack anyone and anywhere along all roads leading to Dataran Merdeka. No reason to but it was umno and police instructions to do so drive home FEAR. Then plain clothes policemen with their name tags removed started their door to door rioting bashing up any one they did not like even pressmen who took photos of their violence. Yes, it was a total POLICE RIOTING that we saw on Saturday evening.

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