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Gambar-gambar hebat keganasan Polis Malaysia

A quiz for my blog visitors, what is PDRM stand for?

My answer is Polis Dera Rakyat Malaysia.

How about your answer?

These blue uniform mysterious mob are not police, they are hooligans. Real policemen are wearing name tag and police ID.

The FRU man was firing teargas to disperse crowd or wanna kill protesters? This is not SOP for any anti-riot police in the world except in Bolehland.

Police flying kicked a protester arrested by police

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Gopal Raj Kumar says:

After looking at all the police brutalities I am getting sick and disgusted as to what is going on. The police seem to be acting like daylight licensed gangsters. They survive on tax payers funds and yet treat citizens like dirt. How on earth are we Malaysians ever going to treat our police with respect. That is the last. Never and I say never will I ever respect the police anymore. They are not there to maintain law and order but they seem to be ever ready to create anarchy in the country. Do e have a police force. From the looks of things no we dont have any police force but we have gangsters in uniform. They have shamed our king, our nation and our entire people. They have betrayed our people of Malaysia.

nkkhoo says:

A teenage girl can see what was went wrong with the police.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

PDRM was acting like unrestrained gangsters, often with 10 or more police officers beating up an individual or two. It will not be an understatement to say that the police were creating a riot in the city. There is absolutely no justification for them to threaten and beat up every person they found in yellow, even if they were participating in the rally.

salim says:

PDRM = Polis menDeritakan Rakyat Malaysia.