Video : Police brutality >>>

Police Brutality :: Victims beaten up by police narrated their experience

A special channel, polis anjing PDRM in youtube was found with videos about Malaysia police brutality.


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JT Onn says:

Why the police allowed those Perkasa thugs to freely protest in front of the house of the Penang CM without any resistance?

Remember a short while back someone wanted to hand-deliver a letters and he was quickly whisked away by a few PDRM/bodyguards and a Minister from MCA was protected by a bunch of PDRM monkeys?

Again we can see the police ‘pilih kasih’ as their SOP?

Respect the position, LGE is an democratically elected Chief Minister by the majority of the voters without the help of EC. Malaysia is really in a sorry state already, can’t you and like-minded all understand that we need a change before our beloved country is destroyed?