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Why the Umno's 66th anniversary celebration ended on May 13?

I hope I am not over sensitive in interpreting Umno’s 66th anniversary celebration ended on May 13.

This is a strong signal to warn Chinese, you either vote UMNO or another May 13 awaits you.

UMNO sensed there is no hope Chinese voters will support BN, the police riot in Bersih 3.0 is last desperate attempt to warn Malaysian Chinese another May 13 is awaiting you.

Rural Malays and Indonesia turned Malaysians throw their support behind UMNO is not a question. UMNO is playing racial card and fear factor to influence urban Malays that only UMNO can protect them.

I let Malay themselves to decide their own choice and fate, but urban Chinese will abandon MCA en mass is a confirmed event to happen in the GE13.

Najib: May 11 mass gathering to prove Umno’s strength

KUALA LUMPUR: The mass gathering scheduled to be held at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in conjunction with Umno’s 66th anniversary on May 11 is a proof of the party’s strength to achieve victory in the general election, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said.

He said the gathering would prove that hundreds of thousands of Umno members could gather in peace without posing any harm to others.

“I see that the birth of Umno, the party’s 66th anniversary as an opportune time for us to hold a gathering because it’s been a while since we have a mass gathering.

“It is timely for us to do so, and everybody knows that the election won’t be too long into the future. So, it’s just apt for us to showcase to the people what Umno has done all these years,” he said in an exclusive interview with Umno-Online.

He said Umno members should also be proud to be part of the largest party in the country.

“I would like to remind us, all Umno members that this is a blessed party for the Malays.

“We have a sense of pride in Umno, that we are a member of a family which is the largest party in the country.

“We shouldn’t feel insulted, we shouldn’t feel pressured because everything enjoyed by the country today is in fact is a result of Umno’s deeds, and those of Umno leaders, big or small, over the years,” he said.

Umno’s 66th anniversary celebration, themed “Umno: The People’s Defender” will be held for 13 days starting May 1. – Bernama

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jhf says:

Local undergraduates get merit points watching Tanda Putera that id screened in a local univrrsity.
Umno is reviving the May 13 tragedy?

纸评 says:

Upon graduated from IPTA, the students will be rewarded with first class Honours degrees who watched and ‘liked’ the Tanda Putera movie. Why not also show the 1Malaysia movie to the nation wide Chinese so they also know ‘how well they were treated’ by the fellow ‘Malay’ brothers? The film is inciting racial hatred and fear, as it is Umno’s secret weapon to swing electoral support on the eve of elections.

jhf says:

Klasifikasi baru Finas: filem ‘wajib tayang tertentu’.

Mana satu Malaysia bila filem tertentu untuk ditayang pada bangsa tertentu?

Selective screening, wah lao eh!

Fanny says:

blogger Victor Lim pointed out that any repeat of May 13 incident will make the malays the loser on the follwoing points:

1: The majority of Malays (90% of them), don’t pay taxes to the federal government. They pay what is known as zakat (tithes), a form of Islamic tax. This means Malaysia has been developed for the past 55 years with contributions from the non-Malays or non-Muslims and the corporate sector.

Therefore, if the business climate is ruined by the super corrupt, evil and racist Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) because it wants to remain in power at all costs, including the propagation of the May 13 violence and bloodshed, who will suffer more? Who is the majority race in Malaysia?

2: However, should violence really break out after BN-Umno loses the next general election, it will not be the same May 13, 1969.
In 1969, the majority of Malays were really living in abject poverty. They were envious of others who were better off economically.

Today, it is an entirely different scenario. That was the 20th century. We are now in the 21st century. The Malays today are more informed and are therefore able to make wiser judgments politically. Unlike 1969, the issues today are not about race. Only BN-Umno, for reasons only known to them, stubbornly refuses to change with the times to remain relevant with the rakyat.

Rajesh says:


I must thank your readers for insightful reply.

Malays will suffer more if May 13 is repeated.

nkkhoo says:

Those rich Malays already ship out their wealth to Western world.

In any conflict or civil war, the poor people will suffer more, not a particular race.

Jessie says:

Thank you for the link. Very good article.
Also thanks to nkkhoo for providing a platform for readers to share good articles for a more balanced reporting.

nkkhoo says:

If the argument has basic and logic, I never delete it.

Ally Pandian says:

Let’s hope that our younger generation, despite the distorted history they learned in school, will not be doped into believing the inaccurate record of events leading to the May 13 incident as portraited by the TANDA PUTERA film.

It is very sad that Umno/BN leaders are resorting to lies, intimidation, fear, threats, distortions, race and religion to coax the people into submission and support the coalition. The use of such tactics is clearly indicative of their lack of policy substance to win the vote, tantamount to bankruptcy of ideas. MCA is using the same scare tactics to put the fear of Chaos onto the mind of chinese people.

Pakatan must remain resolute in pushing for policy changes against such low class political tacticians. Elections should be won and lost on policy issues, not by such dubious tactics. Let’s us put greater faith in the intelligence and perception of the people to returning the govt of their choice, not detected by manipulators of tactics. Clearly, the govt have run out of issues. Pakatan’s effort to set up the Institute Rakyat is a small step in a giant leap forward.

KY Ong says:

As reported on The Malaysian Insider:

Bekas Penglima Tentera Darat, Abdul Gafir Abdul Hamid pada majlis perlancaran manifesto Pakatan Rakyat di Shah Alam semalam memjelaskan sambil meminta rakyat tidak perlu bimbang dengan peralihan kuasa yang berlaku selepas pilihan raya nanti.

Katanya peralihan kuasa akan berjalan dengan selamat dan aman kerana beliau percaya Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) sangat profesional dan taat kepada raja dan perlembagaan. Penjelasan dan pengakuan Ghafir sebagai bekas anggota tertinggi tentera itu seolah-olah beliau sudah dapat merasai apa yang berlaku nanti.

nkkhoo says:

The Armed Forces only “taat setia” to Agong is a common knowledge, and those try to hijack the loyalty to Prime Minister and Cabinet must be charged in the martial court.

Azuan says:

The current Umno is the new Umno formed by Tun M who dissolved the original one.

How can the current Umno be 66 years old?

Ray says:

In case nkkhoo miss the news:

由Pesona Pictures和国家电影发展局(FINAS)联合推出的马来语电影Tanda Putera掀起争议。


这部由本地导演苏海蜜(Shuhaimi Baba)拍摄的电影将在2012年9月13日在戏院上映,目前已经举行了媒体首映和数场特别放映会,官方预告片已经在Youtube发布。



nkkhoo says:

UMNO learns twist and turn from China Communist Party. Actually UMNO is instigating Malay to kill Chinese with this kind of film.

I challenged UMNO to produce hard evidence on those scenes in the movie, otherwise DAP should take legal action against film producer.

Ray says:

This is not the first time.
Finas produced many such movies e.g. Embun, Paloh, Hati Malaya… where chinese are depicted as komunis to stir up the emotion of the malays to protect their tanah melayu!

Read more here:
The trailer for the movie – fully funded by the National Film Development Corporation (Finas) and the Multimedia Development Corporation (Mdec) – showed scenes of Chinese mobs marching through the streets of Kuala Lumpur after their success in municipal elections.

One group was depicted bearing the Labour Party flag, while that scene and others also showed Chinese Malaysians bearing banners proclaiming anti-Malay slogans.

The banners written in Chinese characters portrayed slogans that translated into ‘Malays go back to the village’, ‘Malays go die’ and ‘Take revenge’.

Garnering more serious brickbats are snippets from the movie’s official Facebook page which detailed scenes apparently slated to be included in the final cut of the movie.

One apparent scene was that of DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang purportedly urinating on a flagpole in front of the then-Selangor menteri besar’s residence.

“Lim Kit Siang telah kencing di bawah tiang bendera Selangor yang terpacak di rumah menteri besar Selangor ketika itu, Harun Idris, (Lim Kit Sing had urinated at the foot of the flagpole bearing the Selangor flag at the then Selangor MB’s Harun Idris’ house)” read the caption of a photo of the actor portraying Lim being manhandled. Lim Kit Siang had vehemently denied that the DAP was involved in instigating the race riots of 1969, and had said that he was away from KL on May 13 when the initial violence took place.

華德 says:

nkkhoo please read this comment on the lies by Suhaimi Baba, the director of the racist movie from Umno:

芯心 says:

本地知名男模兼艺人袁锦伦与Douglas Lim 在参与涉及513历史电影《Tanda Putera》后突然间在网络爆红,如今他们两的面子书更在短短的几小时内被网友的辱骂声淹没.

《Tanda Putera》这部电影原是述说当年513事变的故事

凡举为国阵站台的歌手艺人无不被网友群起抵制随手拈来有:光良、张栋梁和林宇中 …
现在连亲国阵的艺人如 :林德荣,黄明志也不能幸免..


nkkhoo says:

Pro-BN is nothing wrong in a democratic nation. Lee Chong Wee used to support BN openly, but he keeps low-profile by no talking about politics openly after 308.

People engage in fact-twisting like China communists should be condemned and rejected at all cost.

Money will convert Chinese like Namewee, 林德荣, 袁锦伦 and Douglas Lim to someone who can revolt against their own parents if they have to.

Terence says:

You can say communist China engages in fact-twisting. But what about BN?

nkkhoo says:

I have posted an article about UMNO is learning propaganda tactics from China Communist Party.

siew lan says:

UMNO is desperate and still frigten the non-Malays with 513 (today by the way) and the malays with 1511 threat (see below) – sickening

From :

“Malaysia will revert to the year 1511, when the bumiputera agenda did not exist, if the Barisan Nasional (BN) loses in the coming 13th general election, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said today.” – Mohd Nor Yacob

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Malays should blame mamaks like Mohd Nor Yacob, Dr. M and the likes who are actually abusing and manipulating the Malay masses. These are the people, not the Chinese or the Indians who are eating into the Malay quotas.

Shag says:

It is foolish for chinese to support mca because of the linkage with umno.

nkkhoo says:

They are not fools, they are making tons of money from the linkage with UMNO.

Adil Yunus says:

Join BN if you are into money politics!

harun says:

last nite astro awani during the live telecast of this perhimpunan umno, one malay panelist reminded audience that jajahan british will its colonial rule has robbed the malays their rights, so nep is not a tongkat, but ‘hak’ orang melayu.

nkkhoo says:

Then UMNO should ask British to compensate Malays, not Chinese and India to pay for the faults of British colonial.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Najib is going to UK, perhaps he should seek compensation from the Queen for victimizing the malays during the colonial times to deprive them economic opportunities.

Shag says:

All compensation from the british has gone into the pocket of mamakutty.

nkkhoo says:

I do not know there was any compensation from the British.

Saiful says:

not sure under every stadium seat is a packet of RM300 ???

better not to yield the keris during closing ceremony. not al malays are like those morons to frighten non-malays.

umno baru 1.0 is corrupted.

there may be umno 2.0 after GE13.

cinta cinta msia says:

RE: urban Chinese will abandon MCA en mass is a confirmed event to happen in the GE13

it’s already a reality. If you follow news on TV whereby MCA Serdang meeting with people only gathered few people in the hall. In the news clips, Donald Lim kind of cheeky pleading people not to let MCA score a “telur” but give 1 or 2 seats at least !

cinta cinta msia says:

UMNO thru its religious division declares Bersih 3.0 Haram.
Wait for PAS interpretation….

Will 66th anniversary closing ceremony on 513 a showcase of UMNO supremacy like lifting the keris in front of Soi Lek ?
Let’s wait and see as RTM1 surely telecast it live.

The fact is Umno can no longer rely on the bogeyman of ethnic violence to deliver Malaysian Chinese votes to its BN partners MCA and Gerakan, since non-Malay participants formed a healthy proportion of all the first-hand witnesses to Bersih 2.0 and 3.0.
So resort to the apanama old trick of 513 phobia ?

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

My malay colleague told me that many yougn malays are not happy that Umno is using (or rather abusing) fatwa to restrict their freedom.

Gadoo says:

Issuing fatwa is a weapon of Umno.
Malays cannot challenge as they have been programmed not to criticise such religious matters.
Umno ulamas are worst than Ayah Pin.

salim says:

what is the position of mca on this matter?
is mca going to be the vip on may 13?