Bersih Agent Provocateur >>>

How to recognize agents provocateurs?

The suspicious organized group believes in 2000 people from the police special branch comes with these features,

1. Yellow hand bands.

2. Bersih head bands.

3. Military haircut and good body build.

4. Unique police style.

Several of them in this mob violence fitting above features.

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newboy says:


Any update on Aug 30 Janji Bersih event in Dataran Merdeka?

Frenz says:

It is now called Janji Demokrasi.
Will nkkhoo be there?

Baki says:

Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch contends that video evidence shows security forces were actually responsible for the clashes. The forces initially allowed demonstrators into Merdeka (Independence) Square, which the government had previously declared off limits, and then began attacking the demonstrators with tear gas and batons for breaching the area.

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Jayson says:

The brutality does not end with 428: