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RM1 million for first Olympic gold medal in London

Malaysia has taken part in 13 summer Olympic Games since 1956 winning two silver and two bronze medals, but a gold medal is still missing.

Besides RM 1 million handsome award from the government for its first gold medalist in Olympics, several private companies also promise to hand out mysterious award if Malaysia athletic wins the first gold medal. The Olympic gold medalist also receiving RM5000 monthly allowance for the rest of his or her life.

Malaysia might won its first Olympic gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympic Games if squash was included in the games through Datuk Nocil David. She has been holding the world number one woman squash player for many years.

The nation’s promising hope to win first Olympic gold in 2012 London Olympic games is from our badminton player, Datuk Lim Chong Wee. The Penang-born player has been consistently world number one player since winning silver at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

The men’s final for badminton is on 5th August in Wembly Arena. Your itinerary to London Olympic games should not miss out the Wembly Arena to give moral support to Datuk Lee and may be a witness for the historical moment if Chong Wee finds himself is standing on the top podium.

Cycling also offers good prospects for gold with track cyclist Azizulhasni Awang also expected to go to London as favourite in the kieran.

Let hope the monetary award serves as an incentive, not a psychological burden on our athletics in this coming 2012 London Olympic games from 27 July till 12 August.

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