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Now chicken burger is another black heart food

The burgers we buy from the roadside stalls could be sourced from underground factories made from scrapped chicken skins and neats.

My three favorable hawker foods; burger, fried banana and chicken all are contaminated with black heart raw materials.

What healthy and safe food I can find from the hawkers?

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JT Onn says:

‘Black Heart’ food requires good knowledge of food science to replicate food taste/texture/color with substitutes (toxicity is not a concern). China has such know-how and it is evident that ‘knowledge transfer’ of such technology is happening here. If China operators can operate phone/betting scam and vice ring in Malaysia, you can bet that ‘black heart’ technology has already taken root here by unscrupulous collaboration between local and chinese black heart operators.

Just observe where the waste meat like chicken skin are dispose at your wet market. It is the food source of the supply chain to the black heart industry to deliver minced meat for the production of siew mai, sausage, bak-kua, bak-pow etc that you enjoy at restaurants.

Gadoo says:

Do not ever trust health Minister. He is good in lying (Tong San case).
Maybe MCA towkays are involved in such black-market oil and meat (from dead pigs).

Big Bang Boom says:

The meat for burger if not grilled must be fried. The word “fried” scares the shit out of me with those black heart recycled cooking that can cause cancer !
Burger meat like chicken patties are minced meat from various parts of the chicken. So the next time you want to eat a meat burger, think twice !

nkkhoo says:

The neat portion is the most toxic meat.

Zain says:

Now we know why the roadside burgers have that special taste.
are they using the real Ramli burger?

nkkhoo says:

Most are not using Ramli burger patty.

Gadoo says:

But they are smart to put up poster of Ramli burgers!

Sam says:

Be careful. Avoid those food with minced meat like ngohiang and bak chor Mee. You never know the origin of such meat!

Makansutra says:

For once go more vegetarian. Save the animal sufferings and environment.
Frankly speaking, after the “recycle” cooking oil scare; outside food (not home cook) now quite suspicious in preparation because the hawkers are profit-minded and health issue is secondary !
Have you heard the news that in Australia KFC was recently sued because it’s “chicken wrap” allegely caused a young girl to paralyse ? So No Gooood afterall although Chef Wan says so (he used to advertise for Ramlee products on TV cooking show now switched loyalty to KFC).
Anyway, did you try McD Chicken Burger of RM2.65 (after tax) on offer during the mornings some time back ???

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

KFC in Malaysia is now ‘Kepong Fried Chicken’
Just look at the decor at the outlets, plastic flowers ala malay kampung decorations! Thanks to JCorp for the transformation.