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More theories pointing to the existence of multi universals

I used to follow documentary films on cosmology, and this newly released National Geography, “Beyond the cosmos – Multiverse” hypothesizes that there are infinite multiverse beyond the universal we know today. The laws of physics in other multiverse should be totally different and beyond our imagination.

I used to believe there are multiverse when I was a teenager, and the advancement of theoretical physics slowly pointing to this crazy idea may be real.

Search the youtube or googled for its video or download with emule or Xun Lei ed2k://|file|%5B2012.04.19%5DNational.Geographic.Channel.-.超乎想像的宇宙:多重宇宙.%5B19D36EE4%5D.mp4|344300980|d58e844a63ffaa8c4ef66e2f2150eebb|h=aiyhzxyufhsitrq4zoih6ioek4uhlyrl|/

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