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Say No to independence investigation panel on Bersih 3.0 headed by Hanif

I will urinate on its report if the panel is headed by Tun Hanif. Tun Hanif is a UMNO crony with no credibility and neutrality to head the independence investigation panel on violence in Bersih 3.0 sit-in rally.

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Bala says:

I rather trust a snake than BN.

Sam says:

Since when any BN-led investigation is independent?
TBH died in vain.

Big Bang Boom says:

By the way, has BN religious folks check if Hanif’s directorial income is halal or not as the source of the ernings could be from the blackjack tables !

Zain says:

No fatwa here?

Big Bang Boom says:

never mind, just update us the insider news from your kaki (sidekicks or informers). thks.

Big Bang Boom says:

Bersih 4.0 is being organised to greet Najib at London on 14 May 2012. I am sure NkKhoo will be updating us on this event soon.

nkkhoo says:

I have no rich enough go to London for holidays.

Zain says:

BN still employ old outdated tactics despite the so-called transformation from Najib.
Why use Hanif when we all know that the past police chiefs are all tainted?
Rumour has it that Najib himself is helpless and being controled by the old master M.

nkkhoo says:

See the article in the top right sidebar.

Gadoo says:

Most police chief through its secret service have got ‘evidence’ of wrong-doings/scandalous affairs of Umno ministers. But they choose not to expose it as they could milk more benefits from blackmailing to their advantage. I guess these police chiefs may have to turn in these evidence to the new master once there is a new tenant in Puterajaya.

Big Bang Boom says:

Mr Hanif may propose peaceful gathering the next time at Genting resort to do his jobs satisfying his paymaster (Genting) and also the gomen.

Beng says:

Independence from amno point of view.

Zain says:

All the RCI outcomes have confirmed that ther is no impartial at all.