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These are creative solutions from BN

Most innovative answer from a BN senile man is protesters in blue uniform violently beating other protesters in civilian attires.

Pay 30 million to PR Adun is also a creative solution to counter only 49% support for BN in West Malaysia.

BN fatwa council seems can talk directly to God to interpret Islamic teachings for local Malay Muslims on what is right and what is wrong. How on earth such religious ulamaks who conspired with the evil can speak out without shame?

Appointed an ex-police head to investigate police own brutality in Bersih 3.0 is like asking Tun Hanif to masturbate in the public place for all Malaysians to enjoy.

BN Must Be Creative In Resolving People’s Problems

SHAH ALAM, May 10 (Bernama) — Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said the Barisan Nasional (BN) must come up with a creative and effective method of resolving the problems of the people in this modern era.

The Prime Minister, who is also the BN chairman, said the People’s Service Centre (Pakar), the call centre initiated by the Selangor BN, was among the best examples of the creative approach to tackle the people’s complaints.

“We can probably offer this approach for consideration by the other states. In the modern era, we must think of a creative and novel way of resolving the problems of the rakyat,” he said when interviewed by SelangorFM deejay, Dassky Shah Ewas, in conjunction with the launching of Pakar, here today.

Earlier, Najib who is on a one-day visit to Selangor, answered two calls to Pakar from the people who raised the problems on the joint-management body (JMB) of a condominium and the application for the setting up of a 1Malaysia Clinic. The call was also aired live on SelangorFM.

Responding to the complaint by the caller who identified himself as Edmund, on the JMB which was alleged to have been delayed for more than 12 years due to bureaucratic red tape by the developer of the condominium concerned, Najib said the problem was under the jurisdiction of the local authority under the State Government.

“Currently, the state government is under the opposition pact but if Edmund (the caller) can help the BN to wrest the state, it’s possible that we may be able resolve the problem swiftly,” he said, promising to refer the matter to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

On the request from an occupant of the Seri Kemuning condominium in Kota Kemuning, here, who identified himself as Mohd Nazri, for the establishment of a 1Malaysia Clinic, Najib said he would refer the matter to the Health Ministry for consideration.

Pakar, which started operations on April 9, had so far received 1,963 complaints from members of the public with 1,437 or 73 per cent of the problems having been resolved.

Among the calls received referred to the welfare of the handicapped group, senior citizens, single mothers, 1Malaysia People’s Aid (BR1M), pension, education loan, infrastructure and abandoned projects.

Earlier, Najib launched three events organised by the Selangor BN, namely the launch of the song ‘Sayangi Selangor Yakini BN’, the setting up of the national-level Persatuan Barisan Artis Nasional (BRAN), and the ‘flag-off’ for the convoy of the Selangor Taxi Drivers Association.

During the visit, Najib was also scheduled to launch the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Gathering dubbed “Jom Niaga” at Kompleks Karangkraf, here.


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Gopal Raj Kumar says:

A controversial petrochemical investment project that has been scrapped in Taiwan is set to be transplanted to Pengerang, Johor, according to the Taiwan media.

What is your view since you have access to Taiwan media?

nkkhoo says:

Taiwan government rejected this petro project in Taiwan for two reasons,

1. No land in Taiwan to accommodate such a huge project.

2. Environmental pollution issue.

I doubt BN government will impose same strict environmental protection law like Taiwan.

Taiwan government and people actually are in dilemma on this issue. They have to pay for huge environmental cost for keeping it in the island and is expecting to see an exodus of petrochemical industry to foreign land by rejecting it.

Singapore is the main loser for sharing pollution problem with Malaysia. Old Lee should change ship and support PR to fail the project.

Victini says:

nkkhoo can translate this Sin Chew article for Gopal.






nkkhoo says:

I do not know any industrial factory in this world is pollution free. I hope environmental sensitive people like you should not driving car, stop using any product made from plastics, etc. Unless you can do these by example, being a hypocrite is too bad.

If I were Taiwanese investor, I will rent a no-man island in South China Sea from Indonesia for this kind of project.

Plantation is also not green, deforestation to turn land to oil palm estate is also bad to global warming. Many streams are dying out in palm oil estate cause extinction of native fishes.

Victini says:

Are you scared of the threat from Umno?

“停止邊佳蘭煉油和石化綜合開發計劃聯盟”(STOP RAPID)的兩名成員,即公正黨邊佳蘭支部副主席的雅亞(46歲,自僱人士)及秘書道菲(28歲,商人)申訴,他們在柔佛蘇丹和首相蒞臨邊佳蘭為“煉油廠及石油化學綜合劃”(RAPID)主持推介禮當天凌晨,分別接獲兩則恐嚇簡訊,簡訊大意指週日是巫統的活動,叫他們最好不要製造騷亂,否則將縱火燒他們的屋子,令他們感到生命安全受到威脅。






nkkhoo says:

I am writing anti-UMNO blog for more than three years, longer than these so-called stop rapid environmentalists. I hv received dead threats, but not crying like a baby as these two green heroes.

Ambiga also has recieved hundred of dead threats…

I suggest there is a job called baby sitter for you and your heroes.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

I hope my earlier question to nkkhoo on this Pengerang did not degenerated into a verbal attack of nkkhoo on victini. Now is the time to be united to face a common enemy. Please focus your frustration on Umno!

nkkhoo says:

Go read the impolite way victini wrote.

Bala says:

BN is creative because rakyat are easily duped with RM500 bribe.
Blame yourself if you vote BN into office.

Sam says:

Yes. Najib is certainly very creative in manipulating the mind of uneducated Malays of Felda.
He gave the money upfront to them instead of annuity stream in coming years.
The Malays took the bait and will vote for him, only to realise the mistake after they have spent the money this year with no more dividends in the coming years. But Najib would not care as he is desperate to get votes.

kbh says:

BN is now very creative like selling burgers in front of people’s home !!!!

Gadoo says:

The polis was thee but choose to do nothing.
Try selling bak kut teh in front of Najib’s or Hisham’s home,

mustapha says:

Of late, the police seems to only take action against those who do no wrong and those that instigate and behave like thugs are let free. Point is ARE THE POLICE THEMSELVES THUGS. Just imagine how YB TIAN CHUA suffers in the hands of PDRM. I know what to vote for come this PR 13 but just hope that l could help do something now as per justice delayed is justice denied. My friends out there = why not we just SALUTE the police man in blue each time we meet them and ask if we may be of any service to them and SMILE! Just be nice and cool and see if they do learn from us eg. Tabek Tuan, Boleh Saya Bantu Tuan, SMILE and wait for ACTION.

Zain says:

Najib has really conned those Felda folks with the RM15k payout per family.
He is actually converting the annuities due for thes poor folks into nett present value for one time early disbursement before GE.
He called this durian runtuh to excite the poor psyche of these uneducated malays with no knowledge of basic financial mgmt.
He did not tell them that there will be no dividends in the coming years.
In the meantime you can be sure that the majority of these Felda folks will quickly cash out whatever they have received for downpayment of new car, furniture and electrical appliances, and running risks of not able to fulfill future payment commitments.
That is why 30% bumi equity can never be achieved.

nkkhoo says:

30% bumi equity computation is based on face value. You never achieve the goal until bumi share reaching 60 % market value.