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UMNO syiok sendiri with 100,000 members in the Bukit Jalil Stadium

Bukit Jalil Stadium full seated capacity is 87,411, and in order to have 100,000 people, the stadium seats and football field must be fully filled.

The Star’s photo is a section of the stadium to hide empty seatings, while this below full view photo from NST shows not so packed crowds. My first estimate of 80,000 people was wrong because third upper 27,000-capacity deck seatings are empty.

1. Third deck with 0 people.

2. Second deck with 20,000 people

3. First deck with 20,000 people.

4. Football field with 15,000 people.

The maximum crowd number is 55,000, not 100,000 as reported in MSM news.

My next question is did UMNO inform KL police on the gathering ten days before the event as per the Peaceful Assembly Act?

The comment board with Facebook account.
Murugan says:

UMNO’s policies or ideologies pertain to the Stone Age where people had no chance to find out the truth. By using iron-fist and fear scaring tactics, it will not work with the current more educated Malaysians, Malays, Chinese, Indians or what have you. Instead of keeping up with the Jones (to be more in tune with the Western world), UMNO seems complacent flexing its intimidating muscles to get things done their way, the outdated way. History will not keep repeating BN’s success, in a more political conscious arena now. They will collapse anytime with infighting and corruption plagueing them forever. It’s time the Opposition will truimph!!!

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

“Carelessness and dependence on the government are the two main reasons that prevent the Malays from controlling the economy in their own country,” said Muhyiddin at the post-AGM luncheon.

So what does that make Chinese and Indians? This is not their own country? You mean I cannot control the economy because I am a Chinese or Indian Malaysian? This statement is uncalled for because this is MY country. My parents were born here, my siblings and I were born here, my children were born here and this is MY country. When is the Malay-first DPM going to stop saying this is a Malaysia for all and not only Malays? Nobody owns this country, it belongs equally to ALL Malaysians. We pay HUGE taxes.

Karim says:

Why you complain since Moohidin has already declared himself to be ‘malay-first’?

Mike says:

nothing for UMNO to be proud of with the attendance number.
If one day UMNO can show off 1000 successful Malay professionals that strike rich on their own (without tax payers funded tongkats); then we salute you.
Until then, need to review why NEP has failed miserably to produce success without tongkat.

nkkhoo says:

I know some Malay businessmen are doing very well without UMNO’s crunch.

The boy friend of a Malay girl housemate was a very hardworking Malay, he took up two jobs to make enough money to marry her. I found RM3000 cash (a big amount in 90s) slipped off from his pocket, I collected and returned to him.

dennis says:

young chinese like facebook a lot. They want to socialise and meet up with opposite sex. that’s why Najib also has his own facebook and twitter account now report to hit 1 million fans.
i hope more youngster engage in know-how of local politics like nkkhoo. politics is definitely food for thoughts as it affects our future; yet most still lack seriousness to indulge in kpop for example. sad isn’t it ?

dennis says:

there will be a big Belia gathering at Putrajaya soon.
bn tries to woon young voters with such event.
Youngster will enjoy themselves at the event but not easily tempted like older folks just because of 1BRM money.

nkkhoo says:

There are still many youngsters not seeing actual story unless they read alternative news. I know many young people know nothing about local politics, a Chinese food blog has more fb fans than Malaysiankini.

Actually these young ppl attending 1 juta belia event are from MARA junior colleges, technical and teacher colleges and local universities who are forced to join.

UMNO is learning many propaganda tricks from China Communist Party after UMNO sealed a friendship agreement with the China Communist Party.

Victini says:

Agreed with you here. Many chinese youngsters are more interested in SHE’s Ela marrying a malaysian guy, and news about Jay Chou marrying a young girl.

nkkhoo says:

Many youngsters can tell you when is the birthday of Jay Chou, but forget the birthday of their fathers.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

any “dance punggung” by army veterans ? i think they learn the gaya from Lady Gaga.

also the bus operators earn some income ferrying participants of umno events. that’s the way how umno helps their bus cronies (bleeding) to survive !

JT Onn says:

Umno, EC, MACC, PDRM, DBKL & Perkasa are all one entity.
They endorse one another.
So Umno do not need permit from PDRM for this assembly.
Therefore, Perkasa can sell burger at any roadside, even without lesen.

Karim says:

Vote for Umno only if you want a lawless society in Malaysia.