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What the achievement from Ng Yen Yen?

Malaysia’s receipts were surprisingly stagnant from 2010 at $18.3 billion, while its ranking remained unchanged at 14th, according to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer.

Other countries were growing from 2010 except Malaysia. What the achievement from Ng Yen Yen except boasting 60 million tourists by 2020 when she is no longer in the job?

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GFrenz says:



Ronny says:

Achievement of Yen Yen as Tourism Minister:
Pempena lost its RM50 million assets and is bankrupt with RM13 million debt.

nkkhoo should elaborate more in a new posting.

Ronny says:

Yen Yen’s latest achievement finally confirmed herself ie. cheating Australia governemtn to get ‘temporary’ PR to qualify her son for free education to become a lawyer. Yen Yen is just telling her president CSL that she too has the “guts and courage” to admit it over the PR issue. Both are proud of what they did.

So what has MCA done for us who cannot get an Australian PR? Is TAR College the answer?

Ipnul says:

Any update on those restaurants in UK by the Tourism Malaysia that have closed shop?

Saiful says:

time to UBAH as Msia every economic barometer nosedives because of ineffective & corrupted governance !

Yen yen has the most arrival of illegal “tourists” coming to cari makan in Bolehland.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Actually the tourist number is high because it includes many Singaporean motorists that crossed the causeway daily to pump cheaper/subsidised petrol, buy cheaper/subsidized cooking oils, sugar, Milo, pampers at JB hypermarkets.

Singapore tour agencies brought in Japanese/Koreans tourists by bus loads in the morning from Singapore (after breakfast at Singapore hotels where they stay) to visit fruit farms and return to Singapore in time for lunch in Singapore. Such ‘hourly’ tourists (though high in number) did not benefit JB’s hotel and its F&B business at all. But they are useful to boost yen yen’s tourist arrival statistics.

nkkhoo says:

Old Chinese folks plus Chinese gangsters in the new villages were bought over by MCA with petty cash and illegal business licenses.

Not sure Indian gangsters already bought over by MIC or not.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Not sure if MIC has granted those ‘bas kilang’ lesen to the Indians. Many of them are now operating the service to ferry factory workers to/from Singapore. One of the key operator is Rajendran.