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Bersih supporters in London overstepped to disrupt Najib's speech

I know Bersih supporters are still angry with the police violence in the Bersih 3.0 sit-in rally in KL, but resorting to Perkasa barbaric way of disrupting Najib’s speech is showing you are in the same stock with the Perkasa and UMNO.

Let respect the right of free speech for Najib and anyone if you believe and uphold the democratic system.

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Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Lately there have been many despicable acts of violence and intimidation by pro-Umno groups. The increase in these types of “uncivilized” incidents is a serious concern to all rational Malaysians. It is time for the restoration of decency and civility in politics and public life. All Umno leaders should come forward to speak out loud and clear and condemn these “uncivilised” acts.

Shag says:

fight poison with poison!

nkkhoo says:

U make sure you the first one to take up arm to fight with UMNO thugs, not hiding like a mouse.

Adil Yunus says:

Do not be silly. You are not Avenger and umno has the bullets of polis and askar.

nkkhoo says:

If those brave ppl want to be sacrificed as heroes like Thailand red shirt supporters, no one can stop them.

The real problem is those instigators are UMNO goons.

Karim says:

Why should we defend Najib?
The world need to know that he is not sincere in his 1Malaysia slogan!

nkkhoo says:

To be another UMNO thug to achieve your goal?