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Mainland Chinese speeding like hell in the junction, three persons killed in the accident in Singapore


This accident has incited angriness for too lenient foreign immigrant policy in Singapore. The Ferrari driver, taxi driver and the passengers were killed in the rocket-like speeding accident. A young lady, not the wife of drunk driver in the Ferrari survived in the crash.

This young Chinese at 31-year old can afford to own RM5 million Ferrari is like a thorn in the hearts of many average Singaporeans. I did advise today’s young men, stop study engineering if they want to be rich in the young age like this Chinese mainlander.

Actually I did involve in similar accident in Ipoh with a cheap proton car at 90 to 100 Km/h speed. I hit the tail of a small lorry in the junction because I did not notice the traffic light was turned red so fast. My full force break did not stop my car from drifting toward the lorry. No one got hurt in the accident except my car has to be repaired for minor damage. That was my fifth time in cheating death!

My eyes were too fatigue for using CRT monitor, thus I have stopped using CRT monitor after the accident.

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Victini says:

Because of low birth rate, the Japanese race may extinct in 200 years. However, Singapore Chinese will be replaced by Mainland Chinese due to low fertility among Singaporean Chinese but high number of Mainland immigrants to Singapore. In time to come the Majulah national anthem will have to be replaced by the PRC anthem.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Mainland Chinese with tonnes of $ may deposit some wealth (don’t ask me how they can save up so much in a communist country) in Malaysia.

MCA may pull them in to increase chinese population if UMNO can be appealing to Indonesians/Filipinos etc.

nkkhoo says:

Increase Chinese population is first enemy to UMNO.