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This is safe country under Hisham and his police?

Nowadays Malaysian woman also cannot walk alone in the street is a great achievement under BN government.

I used to say Malaysia is catching up with South Africa where 1/3 females were raped in their lifetime for the top rape crime in the world.

Reported rape cases in 2008 is already more than 3000 and believed there are another nine cases unreported for each known case.

With the rape crime rises up each year, at least 5000 projected reported rape cases in 2011. PDRM is too shy to publish its actual figure.

So the total rape cases is 50,000 each year with an average of 137 rape cases each day in Malaysia.

There is a girl get raped in Malaysia for every 10 minutes!

I have little objection if police brutality and violence is used against the rapists.

Woman pulled into car and gang-raped

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Compiled by Ng Si Hooi

A 38-YEAR-OLD woman was gang-raped by three men who pulled her into a car when she was walking alone in Brickfields at about 7am on Sunday, China Press reported.

One of the men held a knife to her neck and raped her in the car, it reported.

They then drove her to an empty house and the trio raped her again.

The rapists also took the victim’s mobile phone and RM100 cash before dropping her in Jalan Tun Sambanthan.

A passer-by helped the victim call the police. Police confirmed the case.

It was learnt that the rapists recorded the incident.

Police believe the gang targets women who walk alone. Sources said the gang would look out for victims in the early morning in housing estates.

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Karim says:

All because polis choose not to tackle crime but to focus on peaceful Bersih participants?

Rajesh says:

not just in Cheras, almost latest housing projects have added security features which i also suspect is to justify the inflated cost ! when bangla security guards are not employed, donkey ex-money can find jobs to scare away the crimes with their dancing butts !

dennis says:

those early days we can walk & jog in peace at our taman.
now we are scared of rapists (remember that Sg Petani girl was raped while jogging by a Datuk son, still pending court case); rempits who snatch our belongings etc.
No wonder latest housing projects has added feature of the gated community which make the house prices even more costly.
sad isn’t it ? unless we have better institutions in place with a better government.

nkkhoo says:

The largest prison in Malaysia is housing estates in Klang Valley, almost all private housing estates in Cheras are locked down with fence and bangla security guards.

Sometimes, I suspect the security companies are behind the robbery and snatch cases to create fear.

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Same as those anti-virus companies creating virus and sell the cure for profit. Same as those providing dirty water and sell water filter?

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Credibility of government data is doubtful now.

What we generally see in internet (like in nkkhoo) is very contrast to what the mainstream media like TV3 or even The Star preaching about.

I think we need a regime change for a better future. Of course not overthrowing the gomen by force but by clean voting !

nkkhoo says:

I have changed 99% of my Chinese friends to anti-BN. You should work harder to lobby your Indian friends and other rural Indians.

mustapha says:

Yes, we can take the goodies from BN but we should not vote for them. I am very disgusted by the non-action of police against those ‘butt-dance’ ex-army folks, those Ikhlas folks who illegally sold burgers outside Ambiga’s house, those Perkasa folks who demonstrated aggressively outside LGE’s home. One Bersih guy who surrendered to the polis was beaten up at the police station. We are degenerating into a lawless society as Umno/Mamakutty is clamping down Bar Council.