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Donkeys' butt dance is disgusting to the Malaysian Army and the King


Only donkey-like ex-soldiers loyal to BN government, Malaysian Armed Forces loyalty is always to the King, not the PM.

Donkeys, show your butts to Malayan communists, they will no hesitate to screw AK-47 into your assholes.

I’m as an ex-service man also, it’s very disgusting for these Malay ex-service men degrade to so low moral and intimidated Ambiga in front of police.

Intimidate with racism is only message to Ambiga. PM Najib should charge Ambiga in court if she is found wrong doing, not let the Malay gangsters to intimidate her.

Protest was crude and rude

I REFER to your report, “Group performs ‘butt exercises’ in front of Ambiga’s home” (The Star, May 16).

As a former army officer, I feel grossly ashamed by the antics of those who have conducted themselves unbecomingly by performing “butt exercises” in front Bersih co-chairman Datuk S. Ambiga’s house in Bukit Damansara yesterday.

What they did was not just crude, it was rude.

They held the bizarre and ‘very low-class’ protest in retaliation for her organising the Bersih 3.0 rally on April 28, which they claimed had given the country a bad name.

It was reported that on Tuesday morning, about 15 ex-servicemen were seen stretching and shaking their buttocks in front of her house.

As an officer, like all officers of the Malaysian Armed Forces from the Army, Navy and the Air Force, we were trained as officers as well as gentlemen and we were, and are still, expected to conduct ourselves exemplarly at all times, even after we retired or have left the service.

However, the group of army veterans led by the Malay Armed Forces Veterans Association president Mohd Ali Baharom, who held the protest, I believe, are from the ‘non-officers rank’.

Do they think that their way would gain them supporters, admirers or bouquets? I definitely don’t think so.

If such a thing were to happen while I was still in service and if I was the officer-in-charge, or for that matter any officer who was in charge at the time, we would have disciplined all of them and we will put all of them through a rehabilitation programme. But since they are now veterans, they do not have any ‘officers’ to correct them anymore.

There are many acceptable ways to conduct a protest and in a civil manner, one of which is to use the courts. The other way is to hold a dialogue or send a protest letter.

I wish to categorically state the action of that group as not representative of the Corp of Army Veterans, officers or other ranks regardless, and that we detest their action.


Shah Alam.

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Karim says:

I am a chinese muslim and I am truly shocked that my religion is not practiced correctly by those ex-army personnel. They are smearing the good name of Islam!

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Judge for yourself the silly antics of those ex-army jokers:

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Why are MIC leaders keeping mum?
Kamalanathan, T. Mohan and Loges Mohan why so quiet?

Selling Beef in front of a Hindu house and you guys got no balls to comment? Please speak out or lose out Indian votes.