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What the Irene Fernandez accused against Malaysian government is true

Local police extorted protection money from illegal foreign workers is open secret. I can point the exact location to MACC where the local policemen collect protection money from them, but I also do not trust MACC who is no better integrity than police on corruption.

How do we expect to ask a thief to catch another thief?

How many Cambodia maids were murdered by their employers? Almost all of them are classified as self-inflicted dead. Under table money bribed to authorities like police, immigration, doctor, etc. to change murder case to committed suicide.

Read more from Hornbill Unleashed to know how foreign workers are ill-treated in Malaysia.

Irene Fernandez speaks out the actual situation in Malaysia. UMNO is using police and MACC to silent her.

Fernandez may face probe

KUALA LUMPUR: Tenaganita executive director Irene Fernandez may face an investigation under the Sedition Act over her statements in an interview with an Indonesian daily early this month.

City CID chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Ku Chin Wah said this was following a police report lodged against her statements.

The report was lodged by Ikatan Rakyat Insan Muslim Malaysia, Dewan Ekonomi dan Sosial Malaysia and Rela at Dang Wangi district police headquarters on Thursday.

SAC Ku said police were studying Fernandezs statements to see if these were indeed seditious.

When asked under what legal section the investigation would be carried out, SAC Ku said the police had yet to classify the case but did not deny the possibility that it could amount to sedition.

However, he said the police had not called Fernandez to have her statement recorded.

We will call her up if necessary, he told reporters.

On May 11, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had questioned Fernandez over her statement that Malaysia was not a safe place for migrant workers.

The statement, which appeared in her interview with Jakarta Post, had come under condemnation from various groups.

She was also quoted as saying that there was no legal framework or a particular law to protect foreign workers.

Fernandez claimed that the Government had also discriminated against housemaids by excluding them from the recently-announced minimum wage regulation.

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JOSHUA says:

After reading many of your articles, I have to believe that BN will play dirty at all cost to retain Putrajaya. I suggest you stay at home (don’t wander or celebrate on the streets) should Pakatan wins the GE13 for safety reason.

nkkhoo says:

How PR can win in the election?

Under the current election system, UMNO will still win the simple majority with 40% total votes from the Malay rural voters.

Probably you will see a minority voted government in the history.

Karim says:

UMNO will definitely win because SPRM. PDRM. and all NGOs are controlled by UMNO. With so many phantom voters, BERSIH need another rally.

However, all ABU supporters must turn up in full force to deny UMNO two-third majority so that they do not control the parliment exclusively to pass laws that are jeopadising the existence of opposition, and also the GST that will make all rakyat pay to enrich their coffers.

meng says:

bn starts to use threats (like amaran to amiga via ex-army) to those who seems to challenge them. may be they shall target you (nkkhoo) if you continue to expose their skeletons in the closets.

nkkhoo says:

Kiasu prefers a corrupt government for them to exploit Malaysia.