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A documentary about Laki Penan, the true Penan hero - Bruno Manser before he was silent by Malaysian government

The tour guide brought us to visit a Penan settlement at the fringe of Mulu National Park in 1999, a year before Bruno was reported missing.

I feel sad and angry to see a Penan woman with breast milking for her baby was becoming a focus point for foreign tourists.

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Ronny says:

BN is so afraid of Suaram to expose such human rights abuse issue in Malayais. Now BN is making malays angry with Suaram by saying George Soros (‘enemy’ of Mahathir) the jew is supporting Suaram financially.

nkkhoo says:

Why Suaram did not apply for NGO status? This is very strange for a well-known organization.

Royce says:

No reason to be registered as NGO.
Many NGOs in Malaysia are actually serving the interest of BN for fear of prosecution.
Very strange to me why BN must object to any form of donation toward Suaram.

nkkhoo says:

Suaram is operating against the law and you blame BN for your arrogance and ignorance.

A bad law is still a law until you amend or cancel it in parliament.

PR and Suaram are above the law?