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Anacondas should be totally banned in Malaysia

Baby yellow anacondas at the Kuala Pilah Snake Farm at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest. Pic by Amin Jalil. Source: NST

It was reported that the Kuala Pilah Snake Farm keeps and breeds the yellow anacondas, a giant snake from South America. The risk of snake escapes from the captivity and breeding in the wild is there. For instance, Burma pythons escaped from a snake farm in Florida during a cyclone have caused ecological disaster in North America.

Although piranha already in the total import ban list. But there was unreported case where a piranha was caught in Muar river after some irresponsible fish hobbyists released the fishes into the river.

Thus, anaconda should be listed as a total import ban species coupled with the full enforcement to avoid any potential ecological disaster to our native species.

Visitors flock to see 30 baby anacondas


UNIQUE: Ulu Bendul farm only one in Asia breeding anacondas

KUALA PILAH: THE Kuala Pilah Snake Farm at the Ulu Bendul Recreational Forest here has been flooded with visitors since two yellow anacondas which have been at the farm since July last year gave birth to 30 offspring.

The first snake gave birth to three snakes about 9pm on May 3, while the second one delivered 27 babies about 8pm on May 19.

State Forestry Department director Ahmad Fadzil Abdul Majid said the farm was the only one in Asia which specialised in breeding anacondas.

He said the anaconda species was unique as it didn’t lay eggs but gave birth, normally between the months of October and November.

“All the baby snakes are about 30cm long and weigh between 200g and 300g each. After 10 days, we will begin feeding them with mice. At present, the babies have been isolated from their mothers and will be quarantined for six months.”

Apart from the yellow anacondas, he said the farm, which was opened in 2010 had a similar male species.

According to online portal, yellow anacondas are smaller than their close relation, the green anaconda.

They can reach lengths of approximately 3m and are known to have a life span of 30 years.

Their base colour is a yellowish/brown and they are covered in black blotches and rosettes. They are known to have an aggressive disposition.

Yellow anacondas are mostly found in the swamps, marshes and rivers of Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Western Brazil and North East Argentina.

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shiva says:

thanks for this. these anacondas will fuel the illegal pet trade here, this is why this place exists. note nothing is mentioned what they are breeding anacondas for

nkkhoo says:

Mostly to attract tourists.

All Asian countries know exactly the risk of invasion by foreign species except Bodohland.

Murugan says:

Umnoputeras always link the Chinese and Indians as ‘Pendatang’ foreign species that they want to halau.

But they embrace foreign species like Indons and Banglas with open arms, even open legs (for cross breeding)!