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Datuk Rosli is still happy to lead Penang Development Corporation

The same person, Datuk Rosli Jaafar who was responsible for the construction of Kancil car park is being tasked to demolish the same building.

Rosli keeps his job is because he is a Malay, LGE will be condemned as anti-Malay by UMNO for firing any incapable Malay.

Lim Guan Eng even proudly said he is chairman for PDC should NOT be answered for the blunder under his charge.

Who is going to compensate for RM5 million paid by taxpayers for the Kancil car park? From Rosli’s or LGE’s pocket?

Judge yourself what kind of accountability under LGE. Talk is so cheap for DAP man!

Brink of destruction


PRECAUTIONARY measures are currently being taken in preparation for the demolition of the controversial ‘Kancil car park’ at the foot of Penang Hill.

Penang Development Corporation (PDC) general manager Datuk Rosli Jaafar said the demolition would be carried out once their consultant gave the green light.

“The contractor chosen to carry out the project was picked based on the demolition proposal that would cause the least inconvenience to the car park’s neighbours.

“We will proceed with the demolition. It’s a tedious job but we are making sure that it will be safe too,” he said when contacted yesterday.

A check by The Star on May 21 showed that the car park had been barricaded as the safety evaluation is being carried out.

Days numbered: A banner indicating the name of the contractor tasked with the demolition has been put up in front of the car park at the foot of Penang Hill

According to a banner seen hung in front of the car park, it is stated that the main contractor, Yuan Seng Building Trading Sdn Bhd, has been tasked to demolish the structure.

In a report on Jan 18, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng had said that the car park would have been demolished by July 31 so that the structure can be rebuilt on Aug 1.

He said an open tender to demolish the car park was called on Jan 13 and would close on Feb 19.

He had said the tender would be awarded on March 19 and demolition works would take about four months.

He added that the open tender for rebuilding the car park would be called in June.

Lim, who is PDC chairman, had announced in December last year that the car park would be demolished, redesigned and reconstructed at a cost ranging from RM5.5mil to RM6.75mil.

On Dec 3, he said the state decided to adopt the “preferred” recommendation of its inquiry board, headed by Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Prof Omar Munir, to demolish the existing structure and build a new 300-bay car park.

The car park had drawn criticism for having steep ramps and bays said to be suitable only for Perodua Kancil cars.

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