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PAS is alienating Chinese and non-Muslims

This dome is Buddhist or Islamic design?

The radical elements in the PAS seem are working with UMNO to alienate Chinese voters before the GE13.

Kelantan PAS government should build a mosque for Buddhists if they are so concerned on Islamic design for new building in Kelantan?

I hope the majority in PAS with the rational mind should work behind scene to stop this nonsense Islamic design policy.

Malaysia’s Kelantan demands Islamic designs in Buddhist building

Rahimy Rahim, Asia News Network (The Star), Kota Baru, Malaysia

A controversy is brewing over the proposal for the construction of a Buddhist building here after the PAS-led state government ruled that new buildings should include Islamic designs to reflect the state capital’s status as an Islamic city.

State Local Government, Culture, Arts and Tourism committee chairman Takiyuddin Hassan said developers must incorporate some Islamic elements in their plans or the proposals would be rejected.

“We will ensure development will be based on Islamic principles and features,” he told a press conference here.

He claimed the ruling was well-accepted by the majority of developers, including non-Muslim developers.

“I do not see it as an issue or something that could cause religious tension, as it only involves architecture and design,” he said.

“They have accepted the new ruling well.”

Takiyuddin was commenting on an appeal by the Kelantan Buddhist Association for the state government to approve its building, to be constructed with Chinese features at Jl. Sultan Zainal Abidin here.

It is understood that the association had been told that its building design should have dome-shaped motifs, which have created a controversy in the Chinese media.

In an immediate reaction, Kota Baru MCA division chief Tan Ken Ten slammed the directive, which he said was an infringement of the rights of non-Muslims in the state.

“The ruling is an extreme attempt to impose one’s beliefs into other people’s culture or religious beliefs,” Tan said.

“The PAS government must be mindful that Malaysia is a multi-cultural and multi-religious society that respects the differences of each community. It should appreciate this diversity which makes this country unique,” Tan added.

State MCA Youth chief Gan Han Chuan said the Kelantan government was showing disrespect towards the non-Muslims with its new policy.

“With the new directive, PAS is trying to create discord by destroying the harmonious relations between the communities that had been built by the Barisan Nasional over the years,” he added.

“One can only wonder what type of archaic policies PAS will introduce if Pakatan Rakyat manages to take over the Federal Government,” Gan said.

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Murugan says:

Why bothered so much by the reporting of The Star out to demonise PAS by its advisor CSL?

nkkhoo says:

Sue The Star if it twisted the words from PAS.

PAS has insider fanatics like UMNO.

Murugan says:

Statement from a PAS kucing kurap is not the party’s stand.

nkkhoo says:

Kelantan PAS government issued a statement saying exemption is given for temples. Actually no building plan was submitted by the concerned temple committee and MCA was barking on a wrong tree.

I still have deep concerned on such Islamic design requirement polict for residential homes.

Can you imagine your house has an onion shape rooftop?

Ipnul says:

CSL can only shout Potong?

quah sl says:

you are quoting from The Star, a MCA vehicle which is to smear whatever PAS is actually doing by twist n turn the words to create fear to MCA advantage.

Freddy says:

Chua Soi Lek and the Boh-Hood, smelly, fish head MCA party,this message comes from a Chinese who will vote for a clean PR including PAS, over a corrupted UMNO/BN, above-all, over a tainted President, who was caught with his pants down and still have the cheek to preach to voters. MCA has failed to practice what Leadership by example is about and to the party members,so long as there is KOTOR money to be made,they are prepared to sell-off the Chinese community for a song. MCA cannot even help to set up an independent chinese school in Pahang!