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The safety of spectators in the Million Youth Rally is compromised

Only Bolehland is allowed a car racing on the road with flowers are used as safety dividers between the track and spectators.

The lives of thousand spectators are cheaper than ants under the eye of BN government. The parents of injured spectators should take legal action against negligence by the organizer. But at the end the money is also from our taxpayers’ pockets.


17 Hurt In Million Youths Rally Drag Race Mishap

PUTRAJAYA, May 27 (Bernama) — Seventeen spectators at a drag race held in conjunction with the Million Youths Rally 2012 at midnight last night were injured when one of the competing cars skidded during a trial run.

In the incident at the Wadi Ehsan Highway at Precinct 19 here, the car struck the victims who were watching from outside the permitted perimeters.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek said four of the victims who sustained serious injuries were being warded at Putrajaya Hospital, while the driver of the car escaped unhurt.

He said the race was discontinued and that he would request the organisers to conduct an investigation including lodging a police report.

“I don’t want a repeat of the tragedy. We regret what happened. We will see what assistance we can provide to the victims and their families,” he told reporters after visiting the scene of the incident.

Ahmad Shabery said the race was arranged by experienced organisers but he had been made to understand that there was no sanctioning body to monitor and supervise competitions of such nature.

When asked to comment on claims that the organisers had been negligent on the aspects of safety, he said it was premature to say this and that he was awaiting a full report on the case.

He said he had also been infomed by the organisers that they had cautioned spectators not to go beyond the permitted area but when the session started, the warning went unheeded as the arena became crowded with about 10,000 spectators.

Meanwhile, Putrajaya police chief ACP Abdul Razak Abdul Majid when contacted, confirmed the incident and said an investigation was ongoing.


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Murugan says:

Illegal Racing and Mat Rempit are glamourised in local malay movies. No malay movie will spare you at least a scene of remp-it. The malay audience took it as a sign of showing their manhood to race without regards for safety, with kapcai or Proton. Finas should be held accountable for approving such movies of bad influence that has make it part of malay lifestyle.

Ipnul says:

Mat Rempit United is a secret weapon of Umno.

Aidil Yunus says:

Ini memang betul.
Mat rempit dan Minah Bohsia satu evolusi masyarakat Melayu moden.

Kumar says:

That is why Najib prefer evolution, not revolution?

Gopal Raj Kumar says:

Shabery Cheek is wasting the time of the youth in frivolous events. Why must he initiate another Jom Heboh event to cultivate lepak and syok sendiri culture?

The victim should sue the organiser for the safety hazards.

mike says:

how come rtm/tvs/awani don’t show the out of control ramping car of himpunan juta belia hitting the the crowd causing serious havoc injury ?????

why encourage the belia to do racing on normal road as if mat repit on motorcycle menance is still tolerable ?

i think answer is very simple. this is to justify spending rakyat money to create indoor “car drift” circuit by you know who contractors !

Remus says:

The tv stations only show things favorable to BN, don’t you get it?