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Who is 'biadap' against the King?

Philippine Vice President Jejomar C. Binay (L) and Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman (R).

PM Najib has decided to pardon there Pinoy drug traffickers after meeting with the Philippines Vice-President is showing gross disrespect to the King and encroaching His Majesty power of granting pardon.

Only the King got power to pardon any convict, not PM or whosoever.

Perkasa, what do you say about this biadap behavior against the king? Are you fighting for the King or UMNO?

Why BN government is so powerless when dealing with Singapore to ask for pardon from the dead gallows for a Malaysian?

Malaysia spares 3 Filipinos on death-row for drug trafficking

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking in Malaysia have been spared the death penalty and will serve prison terms instead, the Philippines said on Wednesday.

The announcement came as Philippine Vice-President Jejomar C. Binay wrapped up a short visit to Malaysia, which is known for its tough punishments for drug smuggling.

The death sentences for the three men were commuted earlier this month, Mr Binay’s office said in a statement.’We sincerely appreciate the grant of pardon and see it as further validation of the strong ties between the Philippines and Malaysia,’ it quoted Mr Binay as saying.

He thanked Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman in talks Tuesday. The visit had focused on boosting trade and investment.

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Freddy says:

It’s bizarre for Najib to make the ‘crushing threat’ on the jovial occasion of Agong’s Birthday, it’s not only inappropriate but also disrespectful to the His Majesty. Perhaps, this shows the desperation of the situation facing Najib and Umno/BN. On the hand, govt have warned not to equate the anti-govt sentiment in Malaysia with that of the Arab Spring. But, on the other hand, Najib is sounding out his warning to quash any public dissent. Is it not an irony, a contradiction of sorts? Promising Malaysia to become the ‘best democracy’ in the world with his GTP fully implemented, Najib has conveniently forgotten that public dissent is an integral part of democracy, unless he was referring to ‘sham democracy’. As the events unfolding in Middle East, we can all see the Syrian army turning their guns against their very own citizens. What failing of such a regime? In the end, we will see the human spirits for freedom and democracy outgunning the guns and mortars of the Syrian army.

Ahmad Sobri says:

Tulisan anda nak cabar Melayu?

nkkhoo says:

Show your buff dance b4 u talk. U cannot make a lady chicken off, now u wanna threaten me. LOL

Donkey, go fxxx off.

Remus says:

He is a known asshole fighting for umno.

Ipnul says:

Melayu mudah lupa. There was once a PM who tried to curtail the power of all Sultans, luckily for him there was no Perkasa then.

mike says:

can someone below Agong also pardon the “corrupted” sunmarine act now erupting with hot lava flowing south from Bangkok to Putrajaya ?