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Sabah racial hormany will be spoiled by UMNO from Peninsula

I visited Sabah in late 90s and found Sabahans are living harmonious regardless their races. There are several religion followers in a family is not strange thing in Sabah unlike in Peninsula where the corpse snatch often happen.

With the invasion of UMNO Malays from Peninsula, the racial hatred sentiment will be growing like cancer in Sabah soon.

Sabah harmony impresses world – CM

by Nancy Lai. Posted on May 31, 2012, Thursday

PENAMPANG: The annual Pesta Kaamatan or Harvest Festival is a celebration that has strengthened ties among the people, especially between the leaders and local communities, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

This is Sabah’s specialty which has impressed and sparked the curiosity of foreign leaders visiting the state, Musa said when officiating at the annual Traditional Sports Festival and the opening of the exhibition at the KDCA grounds here yesterday.

“Leaders from foreign countries are impressed when they see the harmony and how comfortably Sabahans celebrate the various celebrations and festivals in the state,” he said, adding that organizing annual events such as the Pesta Kaamatan is one way to preserve the traditions handed down by our ancestors.

Musa said it is important to preserve and conserve Sabah’s cultural uniqueness so that it will become a culture that is respected by all in the country.

“Our cultural diversity and uniqueness is also a tourist attraction and this in turn auger well for the state’s progress and number of tourist arrivals to Sabah,” he said.

The ability of Sabah’s different races and cultures to live in peace and harmony also reflects the political stability in the state and country, Musa said, adding that this is one of the main attractions for investors to come to Sabah and Malaysia.

“For example, a US based company has decided to invest RM2 billion in a lobster farming project in Sabah’s east coast and they told me that they chose Sabah because of its beauty, political stability, huge potential, friendly people and good administration,” he said.

“I am proud to hear such praises from the investors as this shows their high opinion of Sabah and its people,” he said.

Musa also assured the organizing committee of the annual Pesta Kaamatan celebrations that its request for additional allocation to cover the cost of the event ‘can be discussed and can be approved”.

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Hasnim says:

Sabahans should now realised that the BN’s Project IC has brought in too many illegal foreigners as citizens. Now they are facing the consequences as the Sulu people are staking their claim on the island by terrorism!

nkkhoo says:

Too many foreigners issue is not limited to Sabah. A few million Indonesians in Malaysia is another time bomb like the Suluk Muslims created in Sabah.

What if a new Indonesian President decided to resume Sukarno’s Malindo project?

Fhineas says:

Watch this excellent video THE SILENT RIOT:

What happens after the end of a political reign? After serving two terms as Sabah’s government, Barisan Nasional led Parti Berjaya is unexpectedly toppled by newcomers Parti Bersatu Sabah, with the cooperation of the United Sabah National Organisation. On the night the 1985 state election results are announced, the secret coalition between PBS and USNO falls apart at the seams, leading to an overnight power struggle that takes place at the State Palace. This coup would become the precursor to dramatic demonstrations the following year. An incident that is rarely talked about today — making this — The Silent Riot.

herman says:

Watch this excellent Astro AEC program (17/08/2012) on Youtube

纳税人 says:


芯心 says:

Sabah ‘Projek M’ RCI 皇委会可以提出任何想要提出的建议,但你看看赵明福皇委会及警队改革皇委会,到底有多少项建议真正获得落实?”

tunglang says:

Sabah people should note that their money are used for Tun Razak Exchange that does not benefit the Sabahans.

nkkhoo says:

Which BN projects are benefiting local people?

Construction worker, architects, consultants all sourced from foreign countries.

Zain says:

Is Tun Razak Exchange to be built on the land of Kpg Melayu?

nkkhoo says:

I am not sure TUDM Sungai Besi Airbase is Malay land or not. Perkasa may say TUDM is owned by Malay.

Ron says:

Stupid for BN to build more High rise Projects in KL when other towns should be developed to bring benefits to people. Already KL has Traffic Problems and the housing too expensive. najib should bring development to other parts of Malaysia.

ray says:

A new ray of hope for Sabah in Pakatan Perubahan Sabah!!!

Even moohideen is kecut now!

Alfredo says:

Najib created another RCI sandiwara to pacify the people of Sabah over the Project IC issue. If I remember correctly, in the wake of GE12 in 2008, PM Badawi commissioned a panel of inquiry headed by none other than Najib to probe the issue of illegal immigrants in Sabah. A sum of RM10 million was allocated to the project. What happened to that inquiry and to the RM10 million? The investigation came to nothing. Now, Najib, pulls another stunt on the people of Sabah with the onset of GE13. Sabahans should wake up, it’s the same regime that gave away your Limbang oil field to Brunei. You are looking at a treacherous and treasonous regime that has sold you out again and again.

nkkhoo says:

Aliens will ensure UMNO secure more seats in Sabah, as all know RCI is just another political stunt.

Alfredo says:

This is LKS’s recent comment on this issue:

Mahathir, who is well-known for his ‘elephantine memory’ before and after his appearance before the Lingam Videotape RCI, said ‘I cannot remember’ or its equivalent 14 times during his 90-minute testimony in January 2008,” recalled Lim. As such, Mahathir must assure the public that a similar excuse would not be given to the probe on what has come to be known as ‘Project IC’ in which thousands of illegal immigrants were granted citizenship to boost Barisan Nasional rule. There can be no doubt that the person who has the most knowledge about the long-standing problem of illegal immigrants in Sabah is none other than Mahathir, especially as the infamous ‘Project IC’ is known as ‘Project Mahathir’.

Freddy says:

The sad truth of racial polarization.
A good account by Patrick Teoh:

Murugan says:

Spoilt, not Spoilted.

Refer to this (MBMMBI way of learning English):

nkkhoo says:

Misspelled spoiled.

I boycott Astro, Maxis and any company owned by Ananda.

Samak says:

The first wave of damage was from Usno.
Now Umno will cause irreversible damage in Sabah, unless the people choose to ubah with Pakatan.

Ahmad Sobri says:

Amaran untuk anda!
Jangan cabar kedaulatan Melayu!

Ipnul says:

Umno has made those indigenous Sabahans muslim by dangle economic development to them. Now they are even deprived bibles in BM, a language they are made to study.