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The baby could be saved if the doctor in Batu Pahat carried autopsy on previous victim

Left: Baby girl found dead Right: Baby girl suffered brain damage

There are two parents came forward to testify that their babies were falling victims to the same babysitter.

A baby boy died and another baby girl suffered brain damage due to prolonged lack of oxygen symptom.

The parent for the baby boy claimed he suspected something was amiss, but refused to let the baby body being post-mortem examined by the doctor.

The babysitter is suspected to be a serial baby killer.

My posing to Health Minister, Liew Tiong Lai why his doctors never carry out their job diligently and professionally.

Why no autopsy on the previous victim?

The doctor was bribed by the parent?

Babysitter remanded


BATU PAHAT: The babysitter of a four-month-old girl who was found dead in a bush near Tasik Y on Thursday has been remanded for six days.

Magistrate Amelia Marsita Hamdan arrived in the Batu Pahat Hospital here about 11am Saturday for the remand of the babysitter, who is being treated for a broken leg.

District police chief Asst Comm Din Ahmad said the babysitter would be remanded till next Friday (June 8) to facilitate investigations into the death of the infant.

The single mother of two children was detained on Friday after a post-mortem on the infant, Lim Xin Yao, showed that she died of suffocation.

Police said the baby had died on Wednesday before her body was discovered by joggers at about 7pm on Thursday.

The babysitter had earlier told investigators that she had left the baby alone in her Proton Wira at about 4.30am on Wednesday at Tasik Y as she was putting up a notice for a babysitting job on a lamp post 5m away from her car.

She also claimed that three men suddenly grabbed her and pulled her intotheir car before driving off to the Batu Pahat Stadium about 1km away.

She said she jumped out when the car stopped at the stadium but, while escaping, slipped and fell unconscious.

She was found by passers-by at about 7am and called for an ambulance tosend her to the Batu Pahat hospital.

Police said they were investigating her claims and allegations made by several former clients that she had abused their infants.

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